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#1 boingk Sep 18, 2011 09:39 AM

Micro F-5/T-38 Parkflyer Build
This is a simple pusher jet I built in a single evening after work, with the aid of a few beers and a pre-cut toystore sheeted foam glider.

It is powered by the following (all from HobbyKing):

Caseless OrangeRx 6ch 2.4Ghz receiver
Zippy 2s 350mAh 20C LiPo pack
5g Hextronik 2000kv outrunner
Super Simple 8A ESC
GWS 4040 prop
4.3g servos

Essentially, what I had in my parts drawer. The battery is held in place with a rubber band for the time being until I can maiden it and find out if the CG is correct. At the moment its set for around 30% of the wing chord at the root.

Control is by simple tailerons with 0.020 music wire with Z-bends, heatshrink & CA for linkages. Contorl horns are the micro 'pin style' with the locator pin shaved off for flat-mounting straight to the tailerons using CA.

Enough talk, heres the finished airplane:



Its not totally scale (mainly wings) but thats to be expected of a model this size, especially as its derived from a toystore free-flight glider. To be honest thats the best part of it; the ability to buy the airframe for a dollar or two and simply fit your gear to it after assembly. Its already painted, and its already reasonaly airworthy.

Anywho, thats it! Maiden flight is whenever I get a chance, so stick around guys. As always any tips or suggestions much appreciated.

Cheers - boingk

#2 boingk Sep 18, 2011 09:58 PM

Way too windy to fly much of anything today, so I instead have charged up some batteries for when its calmer. I also weighed the plane, and with a Flightmax 2s 350mAh lipo pack it comes in at 73g/2.6oz - certiainly not a featherweight but it should perform reasonably well on the little 5g outrunner and GWS 4040 prop.

Hopefully next time I write it'll be of how well she flew on the maiden!

Cheers til then - boingk

#3 ara25demayo Oct 17, 2011 09:58 PM

im making a 20% of parkjet plans and is 5 inch wigspan and an awg of 6.5-7 gr with plantraco stuff

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