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        Yippee! New FORTAL aluminium tail gear replacement for TT T-Rex 500 and TT Clones !!!

#1 lothar2048 Sep 17, 2011 04:31 PM

New FORTAL aluminium tail gear replacement for TT T-Rex 500 and TT Clones !!!
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Hi there,

We have made this real, but in very few quantities for now.

This is a replacement gear for the tail assembly which is very soft and fragile.

It is made in specific aviation aluminium "FORTAL", formely the 7075.

This is to replace the delrin gear which always get striped, even without having a tail down.

See some pics of the work done so far.

It has been tested succesfully and will not strip the main gear.

We can also produce any part you need as long as we got quotes and budget.

This is an almost undestructible gear. You will never more strip it, and would never have to disasemble the tail gear again with this part !

Only 10 in stock.

44.99€ each + shipping.

Expensive part pricing is due to low quantities and professional aviation aluminium used. If we sell a lot of parts, we really expect to raise the price down. You can also put you on a price raising list, and would have a better price if we have more orders. PM Me for that...

We also are offering our services to build specific parts of your own, or design them. Just ask.

#2 Amichai Sep 19, 2011 01:40 PM

If you really want to make some $$ & something that's definitely needed, then make an aluminum umbrella gear for the torque-tube driven helis. The umbrella gear tends to strip before the tail gear & it is much harder to replace.

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