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        Help with ESC choice for GWS planes

#1 GreatGazoo Sep 14, 2003 11:54 AM

Help with ESC choice for GWS planes

I am waiting for my GWS Beaver and TigerMoth and need a flightpack for each. I will be running 830s lions in the Moth and 1200s Etecs in the Beaver. I am wanting CastleCreations ESCs for each but don't know if I should be looking at the Pixie7p or do I need to go with the 20p?


#2 guyaneze Sep 14, 2003 12:46 PM

the pixie 7p should be a good choice for both planes.

the 20p is a bit heavier...will do the work for a tiny weight penalty and will offer "growing room" in case u want to try something larger.

#3 thunder1 Sep 14, 2003 03:08 PM

The Great Planes C-5 is a good choice for the TM. It's only $19.99 at Tower Hobbies:

The Great Planes C-10 ESC is also a good choice for the Beaver models. It is also only $24.99 at Tower Hobbies:

If you don't mind spending the money the Pixie 7P is a better controller than the C-5 but it's $34.95. The Pixie 20P is $39.95.

The C-10 is actually rated at 12 amps continuous so it's good up to 8 cell Speed 400 use.

I'd replace the JST battery and motor connections for Speed 300 and above use. Micro Deans connectors are a good choice.

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