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#1 Joe Slow Sep 16, 2011 07:11 AM

E-Flite Su-26 and E-flite Extra 260 repair
Went to my flying field a while ago and another guy there was flying his E-flite Su-26 480 size plane. He did a inverted spin and the plane could not recover from it. It slammed down hard. It was pretty beat up. Fuse in half. Canopy plastic shattered and cowl had a few dents. The fin and tail plane also broke in half. The one wing also had the spar broken of and this was still on the plane with the wing detached. He is a ARF pilot and not a repair guy so he gave it to me.

Pealed off all the covering(harder than most might think) and started repairs. It took two evenings to get all in one piece again. I could not afford covering like Monokote or Oracover so I used 3 year Vinyl. It works pretty easily and shrinks when heat is applied. Only problem is that if it is in the sun it goes soft again. But I mostly fly just before sundown every day so it doesnt bother me one bit. Covered the canopy with some black vinyl since.

Some pics of the Su-26( I dont have just after crash pics)











So after repairing the Su this same guy gave me a Extra 260 which he crashed about a year ago. This one was pretty beaten up with alot of wood misssing. I glued everything that I had together and had a half fueselage in hand. So I decided to rebuild the fuse with 3mm correx. i have built numerous correx planes and all fly really well. So I took all dimensions of the balsa fuse and copied it onto correx. It took some time especially the fuse formers. Luckily the cowl and canopy of the original where still in one piece so that is going on the plane as is. The two wings had some minor damages but I was able to fix that. In the pics you can see the one wing has a dent on the right aileron. that has been fixed. Tailplane and vertical fin are also out of correx with some CF for reinforcement. All still needs to be fitted together. Turtledeck is also correx cut and cut and cut again to make it round. Scotch tape is then applied with vinyl over that then you have a smooth finish.


















The Su-26 and Extra 260 together


lemme know what ya all think.

#2 microraver Sep 27, 2011 11:50 AM

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Great job on the repairs! The SU26 was my first balsa plane. I had been flying foam for a year and decided I was good enough to fly something with a little more performance. I certainly learned my take off and landings with this one. I was heartbroken after my first crash. I didn't have a clue on how to repair it but I gave it my best shot.

I noticed the SU26 likes to break just behind the canopy on hard landings so I ended up reinforcing that section with x4 1.5 mm CF (carbon fiber) rods epoxied in. Never broke there again! :) I smashed the motor mount to smithereens and rebuilt it with thin plywood. I've broken the wings off numerous times and rebuilt them with depron and balsa and recovered it using packing tape! LOL! But my last crash (stalling 3 feet above the asphalt) has left it quite damaged. I'm giving to a friend who is just getting into flying. hehe. Good Luck to him.

Repairing planes to me somehow makes up for my mistakes. Like an act of atonement. Repairing other peoples planes and flying them is a gift! Great job. Your repairs look quite professional. Especially to the SU26.

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