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#1 Andy W Jul 06, 2001 03:37 PM

You only install them if provided and required. There is no benefit to adding them if not required.

#2 shv2sail Jul 07, 2001 12:19 AM

MORE Diode Stuff
I've read a bunch of threads regarding Schotky Diodes that come with ESCs. What if your ESC wasn't supplies with one? Should a diode still be installed? If yes, where can one get a Schotky Diode?


#3 Greg Covey Jul 07, 2001 12:42 AM

Many ESCs already have them installed. The Great Planes ESCs are the only ones i've seen that supplies them external.

Depending upon the power switching technique used by the ESC manufacturor, it is not always needed.

You can buy schottky diodes at Radio Shack or on-line stores like The Electric Goldmine.

#4 plinse Jul 07, 2001 07:43 AM

The shottky diode cuts of voltage peaks produced by the motor and keeps them away from the speed control and the receiver. As the cables between speed control and motor can be interpreted as antennas it makes sence to add such a diode to a motor to improve the safety of the RC system but if there is none required because of the speedcontrol it has no aditional effect on the control.

But watch out: you can destroy a control with reverse mode by adding such a diode. It is like soldering a diode onto the motor the wrong way.


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