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#1 Wylderover Aug 04, 2011 04:38 PM

Building an RC mobility scooter
If I need to post this somewhere else please let me know. If I have left out info again let me know. I'm not getting any response to this post and i want to find out why!

I have an Amigo Grand Tour mobility scooter that i want to be able to control via Radio from in my house. Currently i have a wireless security cam that i can control with my computer. I can control all axis as well as zoom, can even talk to folks. So if i remove the seat from the scooter and mount the wireless cam i think i would have a good mobile platform for viewing.

The scooter has a control head that is very simple; it consists of a system on/off switch, forward/reverse switches and one speed control pot. The control head uses a standard modular phone jack and cable to connect the control head to the scooter control board' SO I need to construct a new control head that uses RC switches, pots! For RC all i need to do is unplug the manual operated control head then plug in the RC head and i'm ready to go. For steering i need a RC servo of some kind.

Problem is i no nothing about RC so i figured you folks know how to do this in your sleep. I do know I need a powerful transmitter because there will be steel buildings between the transmitter and the scooter at times. So where do i start? where do i get the electronics?


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