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#1 merlin703 Jun 30, 2011 11:18 AM

1/16 Brushless 4WD Monster Beatle from HobbyKing
Hey guys, I have this 1/16 Brushless 4WD Monster Beatle w/ 25Amp System

I have two questions regarding this truck.

1) Which known brand might be interchangable with this Beatle when it came to the body? Even upgrades, if possible. There are multiple plastic parts on this one that I'm sure will break. At this time, what I'm more intestested on is the body and have it painted to match Lighting McQueen looks, however.

2) I've seen some comments regarding people using 3s on this car. How well does it handle 3s lipos? I don't have many 2s lipos but tons of 3s I currently use in planes.

The specs says:
Motor: Brushless Inrunner(2040)
ESC: 25A Brushless (with Reverse)
Battery: 2S LiPo (100x40x25mm MAX SIZE) w/ XT-60 connector [Required]
Servo: 15g Micro
Traction: Full Time 4WD, Twin Diff
Length: 280mm
Width: 210mm
Height: 150mm
Groung Clearance: 20~40mm Adjustable
Top Speed: 40km/h on standard System

Hope you guys can share some knowledge, thanks :)

#2 Da88th Jul 01, 2011 09:28 AM

many parts from mini inferno fit in this beatles truck, I upgraded to aluminum knuckles and shock to get better performing. check out this site


note: the parts that doesn't fit are spur gear and slipper gear

#3 Shift Jul 22, 2011 07:20 AM

its the exact copy of a graupner WP MINI ST16 BAJA TRUGGY 4WD RTR 1/16 BR http://www.graupner.de/en/products/1...R/product.aspx

I have tried to run it on 3s but first 2 times the screw that holds the hub which connects main shaft to spur gear would always unscrew and fall away in the first couple minutes, making it a RWD truggy, and on 3s with only rear wheel drive you cant keep it in a straight line. Also the motor and ESC (but primarely the motor) overheats, it is so hot that you can get burns from touching plastic under the motor. Couple of days ago i bought locktight, secured the screw that holds main shaft with the spur gear together with locktight and went for a spin, the power was amazing, it could do wheelies and the tires came of from the wheel disks, and after a couple minutes the motor broke. I think that the magnets came loose from the heat or maybe the wiring got burned, it seems like the wiring is shorted inside cause it wouldnt spin, only jerk and build up heat, but the shaft is not bent. I havent been able to disassemble the motor so i just ordered a new one, S2848-4370 Brushless Inrunner (4370kv) and also ordered a Turnigy TrackStar 1/10th Scale 60A Car ESC. I am an absolute novice in cars, bought the beetle just for fun because it was cheap, so i have no idea if i will even fit this motor and esc, if it will be powerfull enough and if it wouldnt be an overkill, i have no idea. I just want to get the perfomance that i got from a stock setup with 3s withouth fatal overheating of motor and esc. Any suggestions?

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