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#1 helisfreak Jun 27, 2011 12:46 PM

Funny story!
Well, I pull my TTF1 off the shelf and start playing with it and it remind me of this and thought I would like to share.

A few months ago a guy across my house move in and he ride a (I think a 2003 CBR 600RR). I guess it was his main transportation so he ride in and out a lot. One day he saw me running my TTF1 rc motorcycle at culdesac. As he was pulling out, he gave me that look... "what the hell!" and smile and speed off...

So after that, every time he see me, I get the look!

What he doesn't know is I get a spanking new 2009 Honda CBR600RR in my garage. But I only ride early on weekend for joy ride mostly. After a few months, finally one day he saw me open my garage and took my REAL bike out. Haha! The new look on his face... priceless..

Anyway, now he just moved a few days ago.

Sorry if it's not funny, but it's funny to me... :D

#2 Whitham69 Jun 27, 2011 03:07 PM

lol, i get the samething, i practice in school playground when i cant get to the track in the same play ground they do CBT (bike training) i got funny looks from the instructor untill the day i turned up with the Yam instead of the car. It great fun over taking the kiddys on the 50 with the little bike to :-)

btw you cant pass a CBT with an RC bike, it impossble to stop on the line and not fall over <<< Fail.

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