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#1 Fly2High Jun 13, 2011 02:34 PM

Long Island Hand Launch Classic Aug 6,7 - Syosset, NY
On behalf of the Long Island Silent Flyers, I would like to cordially invite everyone to the Long Island Hand Launch Classic on August 6 and 7.

This will take place at Stillwell Woods located at South Woods Rd (just north of Syosset H.S.) in Syosset, NY. We have a 1200ft x 1800ft grass field surrounded by acres and acres of trees. This field was the home of the 1999 F3J US Team competition so you know that if it is challenging for the big boys, it will be really great for us as well.

These contests are Eastern Soaring League, US F3K Tour and US F3K Team qualifier registered events. If registered with AMA, you can acquire points for attendance at the 2012 US F3K Team Qualifier contest.

Event Website: http://lisf.org/hand_launch_contest/
Register at: http://www.flyesl.com/contest_regist...list.asp?cid=6

Additional details can be found at:http://www.flyesl.com/contest_regist...tail.asp?cid=6

We will be following the latest F3K rules as closely as possible.

It will be 2 - one day contests. Awards will be given to the top three Sportsman and Expert pilots. Novices are welcome to join us in the contest for some contest fun as well. A Grand Champion award will be given to the top pilot with the greatest two day total. Pilot's meeting will be at 8:45AM on Saturday and 8:30 AM on Sunday.

No round will begin after 4PM on Saturday and 2PM on Sunday, unless the pilots in attendance desire a longer duration. LISF has the field for the full weekend so we can fly as long as we like. We are open to suggestions.

All you can eat Italian and American heros, drinks and various salads will be offered both days for a $5 /day fee. Special food accommodations are available to meet everyone's needs.

Any questions email: lisf_hlg_contest<at>hotmail<dot>com

Hope you can come and join in on the fun!!! Registration is now opened!!


Frank Nisita

#2 Fly2High Jun 13, 2011 02:38 PM

Reserved for updates

#3 Fly2High Jun 14, 2011 01:38 PM

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For those who have never been to our field, it is located about 1.5 - 2 miles from the North end of the Seaford -Oyster Bay Expressway (rt 135) so access is very easy and quick. Once you exit onto Rt 25 - Jerricho Turnpike heding east, you make a left and head north on South Woods Rd about 1 mile and the park/preserve is on the right; 2 roads to follow to get to the field. Could be easier.

I have enclosed a picture of our field. We typically manicure the field to about soccer field grass height and often have a field that is on the order of about 300' x 500' - plenty of space for up to 15 pilots!!

This photo is only of the SouthEast corner. there is plenty still behind the photographer and to the North!!

Also, you can drive and park anywhere around the perimeter of the field. We usually congregate on the upwind side to minimize interactions with downwind running pilots.

#4 Fly2High Jun 15, 2011 11:40 AM

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OK so you are looking at the field and are saying, "Nice field but it could be too easy".

How's about we leave the grass HIGH and make it more challenging to retrieve the plane should you land out?

Here are some shots from May BEFORE we got all the rain!

We are open to suggestons.....

#5 Fly2High Jun 16, 2011 12:36 PM

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Don't forget we will have our own Dave and Rob Ashinksy fresh off their run at the first World Championship F3K contest in Sweden. Both is a member of LISF and I am sure will be in attendance.

I am sure Dave would love the challenge of some top pilots to further is already highly competitive skillset.

Look out, He could become the next George, Tom, Phil or Oleg!

#6 Kenny Sharp Jun 16, 2011 01:51 PM

It goes without saying that I'll be there... There seems to be a problem with my account on the ESL website.

Hopefully Felix will show up again.:)

#7 sporter Jun 16, 2011 02:44 PM

How long does it take to drive to the field from Newport, RI? A couple of hours?


#8 Fly2High Jun 16, 2011 02:46 PM

I hope all of the Conn. crew get back into flying: Felix, Craig, Ed and Jim.

Of course that also brings up hoping for Mark and Jose from up your way and Doug from Jersey to get back to flying...

All we can do is hope and wish them all the best of health!!!


#9 Fly2High Jun 16, 2011 02:47 PM

According to mapquest, it should take 3 hrs 51 mins / 189.80 miles from Newport, RI

#10 sporter Jun 16, 2011 02:56 PM

I might be able to make this one. Not sure yet. I could drive in from Newport Friday evening, and drive back on Sunday afternoon.

Frank, you can receive my planes if I ship them?


#11 Kenny Sharp Jun 16, 2011 06:47 PM

That would be cool if Sean could attend.

I remember a couple years ago he came to the Charles River contest.... that was excellent.:)

#12 Fly2High Jun 17, 2011 06:21 AM

That would be fine by me. Whatever I can do to help. Just say the word.....

I will send you my address in case you can come.


#13 Kenny Sharp Jun 17, 2011 08:01 AM


Originally Posted by Fly2High (Post 18523502)
That would be fine by me. Whatever I can do to help. Just say the word.....

I will send you my address in case you can come.


Yeah Sean, I hope you can make it.:)

#14 Fly2High Jun 20, 2011 06:31 AM

Likewise Sean. If I can help facillitate your presence, just say the word......


#15 Fly2High Jun 21, 2011 07:45 AM

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For those thinking they might like to campout, the preverve doesn't allow camping on site but there is a campground located about 10 min. away call BattleRow Campgrounds in Bethpage.


Also, I am including a shot of some of the DLG pilots from LISF. I think they can give you a run for the money.

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