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#1 Mauilvr Aug 25, 2003 01:10 PM

Forum Posting Guide - Please Read Before Posting Here
Effective immediately, the following policies are in effect.
  • Please use the following abbreviations in the title of your thread. These will aid everyone while surfing the Sailplane For Sale/Wanted forum.
    FS--For Sale
    FT--For Trade
    FS/FT--For Sale or Trade
    WTB--Want To Buy
    WTT--Want To Trade
    EBAY--For Sale on ebay (links to ebay homepage)

  • When selling here, you must include an asking price for your item(s). If you're not sure of their value, put an asking price and an "OBO" (or best offer) in your post.

  • Include the item name in the title. If you're selling many items, then provide a short list (i.e. "FS: Motors, Props, Batteries, etc.")

  • This forum is for Sailplane related items only. There are other forums on this board for selling cars, boats, etc. Please post in the appropriate forum.

  • Discussions within the thread unrelated to the item(s) are not allowed. Threads that do not comply will be closed or removed.
    Please try to use PMs or email whenever possible to keep all discussion traffic to a minimum.

  • Posting the same item(s) for sale in more than one forum is not allowed. You can, however, post a link in this forum to your primary sale forum.

  • If the item is listed on Ebay, you MUST include that in the thread title. Moderators will close all Ebay ads as they are seen, and the same auction may not be reposted.

  • You will be allowed two (2) “bumps” within your FS thread in order to move it to the top. Further “bumps” will result in deletion by the moderator(s) without notice.
Thanks in advance for your cooperation!
The Moderators

#2 jbourke Jul 19, 2005 12:41 AM

This information is now outdated.

All times are GMT -5. The time now is 04:27 AM.