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#1 JeffinTD May 14, 2011 07:57 AM

ac/dc multi-chemistry multiple charger?
I'm pretty new to this, so please excuse the stupid question.

I mostly run medium size lipo batteries and would like a charger that would handle maybe 3 or 4 at once, that runs on 12v dc or 110v ac, and could handle large packs if I get into bigger electrics.

What chargers should I be looking at?

I'm not on an unlimited budget, but will pay more for something safe, and for something fast.

#2 SteveM732 May 14, 2011 08:13 AM

Few chargers run on both AC and DC and fewer still come with multiple units inside. Even then, I'm not sure how many are multi-chemistry. Worse yet, none can quickly charge what I consider to be a large pack.

To handle both AC and DC most of us buy a separate power supply. I won't go into the advantages and disadvantages, but if you can concede this point you will find many very high powered and economical chargers. Also, internal power supplies are often limited to 50-100W which is not high power. And if you really do want high power you'll need to step it up to a 24V input.

Since your charger doesn't exist (that I am aware of) I am going to suggest the following setup:
1) AC power supply with 24VDC output, capable of at least 500W output (you could start with a 12-15V supply and upgrade later if needed)
2) Multi-chemistry charger of at least 20A and 300W output with a 24V input capability
3) Learn how to charge batteries in parallel

My pick for the charger would be an FMA PowerLab8, or iCharger 208B, 306B, or 3010B. Hands down the best charger is the FMA PowerLab8, but it may exceed your budget.

#3 JeffinTD May 15, 2011 09:06 AM

Thanks much for the reply. That has me pointed in the right direction.

Something AC/DC in one unit isn't high on my list, but would have been handy. I can always put the power supply and the charger on a caddy...

#4 aarongreen123 Jul 01, 2011 09:37 AM

i like that parallel charging idea, will one of those paraboards work with any balance charger? i have a dynamite passport charger, does up to 6s. would this work with that?

#5 philipa_240sx Jul 01, 2011 09:46 AM


Originally Posted by aarongreen123 (Post 18646645)
will one of those paraboards work with any balance charger

The Paraboard is compatible with most chargers. All that is required is a 6S JST-XH balance port and 4mm banana jacks for the main leads.

All versions of the Dynamite Passport fit this requirement.

#6 aarongreen123 Jul 03, 2011 05:31 PM

again i'm a newb to this, so a couple questions. When charging four 3s 2200 lipos rated at a 1c charge rate would i set the dynamite at the 6amp rate? am i understanding correctly that each batt would be getting the rate of 1.5amp? is there any danger of overcharging if one battery finishes first? do all the batteries need to be plugged in at the same time or can you add batts as you use them and just leave the charger rippin? thanks for your info so far

#7 philipa_240sx Jul 03, 2011 06:56 PM

When charging in parallel, treat the packs a single large one. The packs will equalize their charge once connected in parallel and basically function as one larger pack.

ie. 4x 2200mAh = 8800mAh

So a 1C charge requires 8.8A

A few rules of thumb when parallel charging:

- DO NOT mix different battery make/models.
- DO NOT mix different mAh capacities.
- DO NOT mix fully charged Lipo's and discharged Lipo's.

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