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#1 1987tc Apr 29, 2011 04:34 PM

Well that was interesting.....
I am sure most of the people on here are well acquainted with the little battery powered dremel tool.
Very handy to have.
A little while ago I was in the other room and I hear a loud buzzing noize.
I walk into my model room and my dremel is buzzing away full blast! So what is so special about that you ask? Well for one the battery was not in it!

I walked over and picked it up. as soon as I had it in my hand it stopped.
There is NO doubt it was on. I could see the cut off wheel spinning. And I know the sound it makes when it is on. Not to mention there was nothing else in the room on and nothing in there that makes a noise anything like that.

So you tell me... How did it turn itself on? And even more important how did it run with no battery????

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