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#1 ToxicToast Apr 28, 2011 09:31 AM

Night SlowStick
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A SlowStick is like an old friend. Sometimes we drift apart. After a time, the friendship is rekindled and reborn.

I've recently started flying mine again, and completely forgot how much fun they can be. Spec'ing, carrier touch-and-go, limbo, combat, flying catches, and just plane lazy goofing off. Really hard to beat the SS for fun after a day of ripping it up with our jets and 3d planes.

The fun multiplies when a bunch of buddies decide its time to sortie a bunch of them with LEDs. On April Fool's day, no less! Spectators came from miles away to try and figure out what the crazy lights in the sky were from!

Mine has Millennium X-Gear and mounts, set up in a Tricycle formation. This configuration has proven to be a lot of fun and helps keep the bad landing habits from sinking in.... Added winglets to help put light on the wing. White lights are switch controlled.

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