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#1 AZ_Astro Aug 17, 2003 02:23 PM

Flying at the Chandler Bowl / Club Chat
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Visitors and guests are invited to come to the Chandler Bowl. No AMA card is required.

We have an informal group that meets there on Sat and Sun mornings, from about 7:00 to 10:00 (summer schedule!). Friday nights are also popular, from 5:00 to dusk.

Directions to Chandler Bowl: From East Valley or Phoenix, take I-60 to the East Side I-101 heading south, exit at Ray Road, turn left onto Ray going East but get in right lane, take first right (Coronado) until it ends, about 1/4 mile. There you are!

This is an unsanctioned site. Parkflyers ONLY please! The Chandler Bowl is roughly four soccer fields in size.

Courtesy Rules:
* Check your frequency with the others before turning on your equipment! Thanks!
* Stay WELL AWAY from the freeway. This site will be denied us if we have a mishap there.
* Stay away from the main street on the north side of the bowl.
* Pedestrians, walkers, observers frequently stroll on the field below. They have the RIGHT OF WAY.
* Don't fly at altitudes above 800' or so. We are just a few miles from a private airport and aircraft do pass nearby from time to time.
* Assist beginners.
* Be courteous to others.
* Have a great time!


1) This site has well documented radio interference problems. Don't risk your big $$$ planes here!
2) The Chandler Bowl is irrigated every few weeks (summer schedule). This is normally just an inconveniece that can be worked around. But flying over the irrigated field is intimidating for beginners.
3) Soccer and/or other park activities may take precedence over our flying.


Here are some pics of the flying gang at the Chandler Bowl.

Here's Ripnburn

#2 AZ_Astro Aug 17, 2003 02:24 PM

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Here in Arizona we tend to hide from the sun. But we get many days of great flying weather.

#3 AZ_Astro Aug 17, 2003 02:25 PM

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New and accomplished flyers come to fly. We do see a lot of Slowsticks and tend to push them as an introduction to the hobby.

#4 AZ_Astro Aug 17, 2003 02:26 PM

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Flying from under a tree on the slope.

#5 AZ_Astro Aug 17, 2003 02:27 PM

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That's the 3D flyer bunch down there!

I am not yet worthy.

Heh heh.

#6 Rip-N-Burn Aug 17, 2003 09:11 PM

Jim, this is sooooo ironic!!!!! I was just thinking the Mesa thread was getting HUGE… The Chandler bowl is a great place to fly with lots of great people.


#7 SkyPyro Aug 17, 2003 09:56 PM

Hello :D I was thinking the same thing, 9 more pages and we would need V2. Probably better thread name, anyways. Did you escape the bad air today unscathed, Jim? I didn't get a chance to go, but am almost glad I didn't. We need to develop some frequency control. I will post a new thread to see what people are using.


#8 AZ_Astro Aug 17, 2003 10:01 PM

Yeah, I had a very good day out there today. Put my Mega 16/15/7 brushless in the AZ-Shrike and it soared! But I've been having trouble with the Shrike and I think I've got it narrowed down to a bad aileron servo so I'll swap it out and fly the heck out of it next weekend.

#9 turbojoe Aug 17, 2003 10:01 PM

I agree a new thread was in order. This one is really more appropriately named. It'll probably attract more local flyers too.

Hey Jim, 3D planes do not necessarily make us 3D flyers.:D


#10 AZ_Astro Aug 17, 2003 10:29 PM


I stand corrected!!

#11 Fly Aug 17, 2003 10:35 PM

Jim, great new thread with great pictures.

Please allow me to direct answers from the old thread here.

First, Kenny, your .wmv video plays great on my Mac. Thank you so much for carring about the rest of us. Given the small file size, the quality was fine. I prefer the larger files with great quality, but agree that smaller files are friendlier to most ezoners.

As to the CB noise problem, I have lost a Switchback, but it was mostly my fault. I knew I was having receiver problems and kept flying. That was an Expert receiver. I had long ago given up on the RP4s for that field, and thought the 650 was a big improvement. Big mistake, as it glitches less, but takes longer to recover.

The CB is the only place my 555s ever glitch, but even they will glitch dependably(!) if I fly from the baseball diamond.

Since I got my Berg Stamps, I thought my glitching at the Bowl was over. However, yesterday while flying the prototype Mini BOP, even it was glitching pretty bad. I was sharing my channel with Pete, but we have had no problems sharing and taking care of each other. That is, I don't believe it was interference from other modler's transmitters. On the other hand, none of my other birds were glitching, including one with the identical electronics being controled from the same transmitter. I need to check the antenna connection with the Stamp.

I guess what I'm saying is, the CB is RF noise hell, and a channel board is not going to take care of all our problems. On the other hand, I am all for it, and whoever puts one up can count on a donation from me. I'll help put it up, too, if I can be of assistance.

The CB is a great field for flying, and the people there just make it the greatest.

-- Alan

#12 Rip-N-Burn Aug 18, 2003 07:47 AM

Hey Alan.

First, Kenny, your .wmv video plays great on my Mac. Thank you so much for carring about the rest of us. Given the small file size, the quality was fine. I prefer the larger files with great quality, but agree that smaller files are friendlier to most ezoners.
That’s good news.. Glad it worked. I finally got around to charging those Qualcomms. Now what kind of plane to use them in? I suppose any IPS size. Tiger moth? One of those little bees? Any suggestions anyone? I got me a 50.00 dollar gift certificate to Adventure, so it has to be in the 50-60 dollar range. Is adventure selling those foam 3d kits yet? Or maybe a 24 inch Foamtona. I’m not sure what weight limits an IPS drive has.



And Dan. (Skypyro) From the other thread, I got my arrow shafts from Walmart They came in August 1st and are Seasonal..

#13 SkyPyro Aug 18, 2003 09:16 AM

Cool, I will go take a look. I have been waiting for over a month for D&D to get CF tube, but I have pretty much given up over there. I guess Walmart has everything. I got my air compressor for my airbrush there, and the guy that taught me how to fly got his wife there :p

As for the batteries, what capacity are they? I think 820 or 830 or some odd capacity like that? If so, I have an IPS and GWS speed control for it just sitting around, that I have been wanting to sell since I don't want to buy more equipment, and there is no reason for me to go smaller. Both are almost brand new, they had about 4-5 flights on a Tiger Moth before I fell asleep :D $20 if you want 'em, it comes with a prop and heat sink too. I'll test to make sure they are both in working order later today, although I am sure they are.


#14 SkyPyro Aug 18, 2003 09:22 AM

Oh, and never been crashed FYI.

Forgot to ask: what diamater is the arrow shaft, how much, and is it carbon fiber?


#15 AZ_Astro Aug 18, 2003 04:18 PM

I edited the first post for this thread, adding a few 'rules of the road' and directions to the Chandler Bowl. Pls advise if I've missed something important.


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