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#1 P-51 Mustang Aug 16, 2003 12:38 PM

pass the plans to the balsa
I wold like to know who do i pass the plans to th balsa.

Thanks P-51.

#2 Large One Aug 17, 2003 12:34 AM

Hi P-51
I'm not sure what you are asking- But if you want to copy the plans onto balsa, you can-

1 Photocopy the plans then place them on the balsa (upside down) and use a clothes iron to print the plans onto the balsa.

2 Or you can simply stick the plans to the basa and cut around the shape you want

3 Or you could place the plans over the balsa and use a pin to prick out the outline of the part

I hope this answers your question:)


#3 Large One Aug 17, 2003 12:52 AM

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1 Ironing on a photo copy

#4 Large One Aug 17, 2003 12:55 AM

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2 Stick on the plan and cut around

#5 Large One Aug 17, 2003 12:56 AM

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3 Using pins to prick out the outline

#6 pittslover Aug 17, 2003 02:01 AM

transfer plans to balsa
No NO! there's something easier!

Get a #2 pencil and color the BACK of the plans where the lines are. look closely.

then flip the plans over and place them over the wood. Then trace the parts.

The carbon on the plans acts like carbon paper and you now have the outlines on the wood!!

cool huh.


#7 Large One Aug 17, 2003 03:38 AM

I forgot that one-havent used it for at least 20 years-but it did work good, last time I tried it...
Now that you mention the method, its your job to provide a photograph to explain the method....

Cheers Rich

#8 D W Aug 17, 2003 08:23 PM

Use Lacquer thinner. Simple, fast, and works incredibly well on photocopies of plans. Looks like kitted printwood when done right. Someone did a complete thread on this with pics and all. Perhaps do a search. Let me know if you can't find it.


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