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#1 J Morgan Apr 04, 2011 09:04 AM

1/9th F2A Brewster Buffalo Semi-Profile
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Whipped this up for an everyday kick around plane and also for SEFF. It's 47" ws. I simply enlarged a good 3 view and kept the scale outlines except for the fuse width of course.
Has a RC Timer 3536-11 750 kv with a PZ Me-109 3 bladed prop on 3s lipo.
Also tried one of HK's orange DSM2 receiver's and it worked flawless on the maiden. This plane flies just great and with 250 watts and 32 oz AUW will surprise you with it's performance. With full up elev on low rates and the washout in the wing, it will glide forward in a very flat glide with no dropping of a wingtip. Amazing little plane and a whole lot of fun.


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