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#1 Tony97 Mar 31, 2011 01:44 PM

Witespy Quad
My Witespy Quad arrived the other day. I have flown it about 6 times so far. I plan on posting pics, video, how-to, etc. here. Others that have quads using the VC20-450 frames built by Witespy chime in on any info you can provide.

This quad built by Witespy is QUALITY!! The VC20-450 frame is great!! Very solid and light. The quad arrives from Witespy packed very nicely. I will provide some pictures and video on what is needed to get it flying and how I got mine flying. Witespy provides you with some good info but I thought I would put more on this discussion thread.

You can check out a bit of my Witespy quad flying on Youtube:

#2 Tony97 Mar 31, 2011 01:59 PM

Witespy Quad Pictures
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Here are some pictures of my Witespy Quad that arrived the other day. Witespy does a great job packing up the quad. He sends UPS tracking info upon payment.

Everything you need is included in the box except your own radio.

You still need to bind to your radio, set up your radio with proper ATV throws, and calibrate.

#3 cactus Mar 31, 2011 02:16 PM

I have a similar setup but without a NK autostable. What is your ready to fly weight? What kind of flight times are you getting? Can you post your PID and rate setting from the GUI?

#4 Tony97 Mar 31, 2011 02:28 PM

Multiwii Configuration
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Once you bind the quad, you need to set your throw directions and values. Witespy provides a link to do this.

Binding is simple if you have done it to your other models. The only issue is you have power in the battery port so you have to move the battery plug to aux to give the receiver power and to free up the batt port for the bind plug.

Once bound, then you configure your throws.

Get the software here:


Unzip the files. Open the folder for your operating system. Run the file called:

Follow the directions that Witespy emails you. It pretty much walks you through everything quite clear.

You do not have to click write after you click "calibrate". Just wait untill the green light on the copter stop blinking.

#5 Tony97 Mar 31, 2011 02:33 PM

Check out the screen shot of my P I D info. Is that what you are talking about? Not sure what that is as I am NEW to this. I am just posting my progress to help others.

I will post my flying weight later. I am getting 7 minutes easy on a 2200 pack. That allows me to land with about 3.78 volts per cell. It uses about 1500 mah per flight.

#6 cactus Mar 31, 2011 02:33 PM

Yep, sounds familiar. I am flying mine now, but want to tune the PID levels and get rid of a slight CCC yaw creep. Just curious what others PID settings are since we are likely to be close on specs.

#7 cactus Mar 31, 2011 02:35 PM


Originally Posted by Tony97 (Post 17841946)
Check out the screen shot of my P I D info. Is that what you are talking about? Not sure what that is as I am NEW to this. I am just posting my progress to help others.

I will post my flying weight later. I am getting 7 minutes easy on a 2200 pack. That allows me to land with about 3.78 volts per cell. It uses about 1500 mah per flight.

Yes, that was what I wanted to see. My two test hops in a confined space of a basement gave me about 8 mins of shuffling around and the pack was slightly warm and read about 11.3 volts.

#8 Tony97 Mar 31, 2011 02:42 PM

Auto Level
I had a hard time taking off. The quad would want to pitch up on me so I would have to sort of ease the throttle up. Once airborne it would fly but not level. I had to put a lot of forward and left in to keep in one spot.

I was taking off in the auto level mode. NOT RECOMMENDED.

Take off with auto level off then switch it on if you want.

I find that my auto level is harder to fly than with it off. It feels like I am flying a helo with the gyro gain turned up too high. I find myself fighting the quad and it fights back to be level. So much that at times you will get it to start to buck and may crash so go easy. So far, I am not a huge fan of auto level. You can see on the you tube video of me switching from normal to auto level while I fly. Not sure why auto level is really needed. The Witespy quad is so solid without it.

I put a Kodak 1080p camera on the front and took good video today as well. I was able to hover with no trouble 20' up in 6-8 mph winds.

At times I do notice the quad acting or sounding a bit odd. Maybe twitchy not solid. I think this is due to the quad correcting so many times a second and it may twitch around a bit. This doesn't make it uncontrolable or anything, just seems to act up a bit.

I have to learn more about auto level. Witespy says that in future updates it will be easier to adjust the trim settings for auto level. He recommends that I turn down my P level. I have not tried this yet.

#9 Tony97 Mar 31, 2011 02:44 PM


Originally Posted by cactus (Post 17841969)
Yes, that was what I wanted to see. My two test hops in a confined space of a basement gave me about 8 mins of shuffling around and the pack was slightly warm and read about 11.3 volts.

Good to know. I will post my weights later. Please help out where you can on this thread.

#10 cactus Mar 31, 2011 02:52 PM

PID tuning is a new thing for me as well. Kind of fun to experiment with settings as long as you are not crashing and breaking parts as a result.

There is a blog around here somewhere with detailed explanations about the Wii Multi PID loops and what the values mean, but things are in a constant state of change.

Oh, did you balance the props?

#11 witespy Mar 31, 2011 03:07 PM

updated quad is much much better:

All the quads are built with the proven Vic20 frame and the Quadrino Muiltwii Flight controller.

These board are super stable and are a step above the older technology, running at 400KHz I2C bus. Super clean mems gyros for a really smooth quadcopter.

450MM motor to motor frame for great stably, Powerful hacker style motors (1050 KV) , 20A 400Hz PWM Brushless ESC’s, adjustable landing gear, spectrum receiver, 2200 3s battery.

Easy to order parts, Built in lipo alarm, and auxiliary power hook-up. protective Cover dome, Orange propellers for help with orientation, sleek mesh covering, support if you need any help, ect....

All the quads come fully loaded, everything needed to fly. Includes a battery and spectrum Receiver. Shipped and insured. All you need is a spectrum radio, and your ready to FLY. The the firmware can be upgraded, and is updated frequently to gain more features.















sport flying or AP.

here is some sport flying..

VC-20-450 Quad (1 min 53 sec)

#12 witespy Mar 31, 2011 03:11 PM

This needed to be done to match your transmitter. To get flying level in mode modes. You have "two" trims .

Gyro calibration,
Full throttle down + full yaw left + full pitch down

ACC calibration:
Full throttle up (disable motors first !) + full yaw left + full pitch backward


Question: How should we calibrate the Autolevel/Stable mode in version 1.7.
1. Fly with acro mode on and see the drift direction.
2. Adjust the roll/pitch trims on the TX to compensate in the correct direction
3. If the trim is not ok repeat step 2
4. Calibrate ACC, activate level mode and fly
5. Land and adjust the roll/pitch software ACC trims via the TX to compensate in the correct direction
6. Fly again ang go to step 5 if the trim is not ok
Keep doing this until it is basically stable in roll/pitch for drift. Expect to do it at least 3 times.

__________________________________________________ ________________

How to trim your Copter: only 1.7pre version

1. Trim in "acro" = headholding mode:

Calibration is made on each power on, but you can do it manually like before:
Full throttle down + full yaw left + full pitch down

Just fly in acro mode and trim your copter with the trims on your transmitter.
No need to land, just do it in the air and trim as long as it looks good for you.

2. Trim in "stable" = ACC mode:

1. You have to trim your copter in "acro" mode before. So your copter is perfectly trimmed in acro mode. Otherwise you are overmixing trims from acro mode to stable mode and you have to trim stable mode again.

2. You have to calibrate ACC.
Copter must be stable and level at the ground.
Motors disarmed.
Full throttle up + full yaw left + full pitch backward

3. Now start motors and fly in stable mode.
Normally its better to start here as normal in acro mode and switch to stable mode while in the air. Because if stable mode needs much trim, its easier to fly in acro mode.

Okay, so you are now with stable mode in the air and the copter drifts to the right and backwards.
Switch back to acro (easier to land) and land your copter.
Disarm motors.

4. Now trim the ACC mode.
Don't touch your trims on the transmitter.
Give full throttle (must be >1900)
With the help of your roll and pitch stick you could now trim the ACC mode.
full PITCH forward/backward and full ROLL left/right (2 axis possibilities) will trim the level mode according to the neutral angle you want to change. The status LED will blink to confirm each ticks.

So in our example above, i have to move the pitch stick full forward about 4-5x. That means from neutral to full and back to neutral, 4-5 times.
the led each time blink, when move full forward.
The same for the roll axis. About 1-2x full roll to the left, because my drift on the roll was less than on the pitch axis.

After that start your motors and do again 3. until your copter is complete in level in ACC mode.

If you want to reset the ACC trims, just do step 2. (ACC calibration)

#13 Goofy23 Mar 31, 2011 04:10 PM

Thanks for the instrucitons, the frame looks very promissing, thumps up.

#14 Tony97 Mar 31, 2011 04:18 PM

This frame is solid. Very light. I carried a 5.2 oz camera like it was nothing today. The wiring Witespy does on his quads is perfection. Neat and tidy. No mess.

Very pleased with this quad. Being able to unbox a quad and with no experience with them at all and being able to fly it with a camera on the same day is saying something. If I never tweak one thing on this quad from Witespy, it would be just fine. He ships them test flown. I am just trying to see a out tweaking a hair more for my likes.

Again, hats off to Witespy for making a great turn-key quad that we can purchase and fly. I don't have time to build and program. This was the best route for me and I would do it and will buy from him again.

If you want a great ready to fly quad, PM Witespy.

#15 witespy Mar 31, 2011 04:26 PM


Originally Posted by Goofy23 (Post 17842719)
Thanks for the instrucitons, the frame looks very promissing, thumps up.

NO problem.

with the quad ones get a CD with super secret instructions , and videos. ;)

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