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#1 lmopar69 Feb 07, 2011 01:16 PM

Less than a week to go!
Hey folks, just like the title says. In less than a week I'll be jumping on a plane and I will be on the way back to the good old USA. Its been a long year, but its coming to an end finally.

This will also be my last combat tour. After 18.5 years of this, I have asked to move to Ft Rucker, Alabama to be a flight instructor. I'll be there until I retire. So, no more deployments, just flight students trying to kill me. Not long after my return to Fort Campbell, we will be packing up and moving to Alabama.

Cant wait to get back to the wife and kids, real food, a nice bed, my planes, a real car and normal people!

See ya'll soon,


#2 troynh Feb 07, 2011 03:01 PM

Congrats Laine!

Welcome home (in a week) and a BIG thank you for your service.


#3 pmpjohn Feb 07, 2011 04:30 PM

Welcome home bro


#4 dee-grose Feb 07, 2011 07:05 PM

And closer to SEFF!!! :D

Hurry home, bud!


#5 kingsflyer Feb 07, 2011 09:51 PM


Originally Posted by dee-grose (Post 17341694)
And closer to SEFF!!! :D


+1 on SEFF!

Have a safe trip home, Laine.

My son still has about 3 months to go. We sure do miss him.


#6 Conehead Feb 07, 2011 10:15 PM

Stay safe for that last week, have a great trip home and Thank you for your service.
Orrin Eldred

#7 lmopar69 Feb 07, 2011 11:57 PM

Thanks guys. Im looking forward to getting home. The time sure does slow down during the last few weeks. Luckily Im staying busy flying nearly every day, helps the time go by quicker.

I have been working on ordering the power systems for the 4 planes I REALLY want to get in the air for SEFF.

73" Redwingrc SBACH 342
60" Cermark Pitts S2B
63" "prototype" Turbo Raven
110" Graupner Acro Maxie sailplane

I think we have the power systems all worked out. Of course, all of them will have a Castle Creations ICE HV ESC in them and Castle BEC Pro's.

Now, I just need to figure out how in the world Im going to afford to buy the servos for these things! Im figuring Hitec digital MG's for the SBACH, digital MG's for the Pitts, and HS 645's or similar for the Raven. The Sailplane Im not sure about yet. But, that one is pretty easy.

Anyway, see ya'll soon!


#8 ratfink Feb 08, 2011 02:56 AM

Good news Laine
I have been following your blog for a while

it's good to hear you are going home to your family
one of our boys went down last week

Keep your heads down and stay safe.

Well earned rest Laine..

#9 teeceeveecee Feb 08, 2011 10:36 AM

GOD Speed
Hi Laine:

Been following your posts for a long while and have many times asked HIM for safety to you and all our guys and gals. From a old Navy guy, GOD Speed to your home and future. Because of the sacrifices of all our miltary people we have a homeland to enjoy.


#10 HaventFlownSince2014 Feb 08, 2011 03:27 PM

Great News and Welcome Home and Thank You and Thank You!

Hope you get those birds set up soon; I will see ya at seff:D

#11 Mel Duval Feb 08, 2011 08:19 PM

OUTSTANDING!!!! That is great news, Laine! Godspeed and thank you for your service.

Mel Duval

#12 badwookie Feb 08, 2011 08:38 PM


Wishing you and those with you a safe remainder of your tour.


#13 LSF226 Feb 08, 2011 09:18 PM

In my day I recall the abbreviation as being: FIGMO (.... it, got my orders)! Is that still in use?

Hang in there and welcome back!

Any chance of getting someone else to assume your role and keep us apprised of things in Afghanistan?


#14 lmopar69 Feb 08, 2011 09:51 PM

Thanks guys. Im flying nights for just a couple more days, then I pack up my flight gear and Im off the schedule. Tonight COULD be my last flight in Afghanistan. I need 2.5 hours to be at 1000 hours total time. Guess we'll see if I make it or not.

In a day or two, I'll pack up my room, move to a temp. room for the last day or so and then Im outta here for good.


#15 Merog Feb 09, 2011 02:23 AM

Great Laine. Safe flight back home.
Great you will be the flight instructor like Tom Cruise in 'Top Gun' ;-) Wow


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