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#1 seaspb Jan 15, 2011 05:11 PM

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This was my first moldie. i needed to replace as the first one met the Pt.Fermin cliff early last summer.
some upgrades from the original. using all hyperion digital mg servos at all surfaces, Ball links at all surfaces too, for battery i wanted to fit the largest mah i could 4 3/4A's 1500's i think will do the trick nicely, though tight. here's some pics..:popcorn:

#2 seaspb Feb 14, 2011 09:05 PM

finished & maidened
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I ended up changing some things so thats why this took so long. remounted wing servos in frames, took white stripes of the wing and tail and had to wait for replacement servo horn that i broke.
While setting plane up i was fling around in some really good lift and forgot that i hadn't finished "dailing in the elevator" so i droped in about 300 foot dive and was about 10 foot of the deck screaming with a full load of ballast i rolled then i PULLED, It flicked, right into the hill side:censored: i heard a loud crash. i lowered my head in shame. i walked around and couldn't see my destroyed new toy. drove to the bottom of the hill and started looking.....i can see the tail . Walked up the 200" hill and as i got closer i can see that the boom straight up:confused: got closer could see tail boom and wing looked ok, gave it a nice yank at out it came:popcorn: in one friggin piece i was elated! The full length servo tray saved the nose of this plane on its 2nd flight. :eek::censored: im a believer in the full length servo tray.

#3 seaspb Mar 05, 2011 10:49 PM

been flying this of the hi-start and its fun, it thermals, ok. still setting mixes and throws for flight modes.

for launch it uses a fair amount of camber without it it was not a happy camper.

cruise mode; flaps are not mixed to ailerons, ailerons have about 70% differential and throws reduced to 60% of normal throw. rudder and elevator are 70% of throws. ability to set camber, neutral or reflex on slider. still has lots of control to fly maybe too much.

thermal; this has my F3F low rates set up + the ability to control trailing edge on the slider.

will post more info as i change the settings

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