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#1 giddyuperic Dec 08, 2010 08:55 PM

Proline tires and rims nib 1/10 scale
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Proline Holeshot Tires & Rims Frnt & Rear 4wd Buggy NEW! The tires and rims included in the auction are new never used they are still brand new in the package and they are unmounted, you will need to glue the tires and rims! Tires and rims fit the front and rear on the Associated B44 and any other buggy that uses the same size hex!! 1/10 4wd NEW! $20.00 plus shipping paypal or local pick up riv ca,92501 Come on guys and maybe some gals. These tires are top of the line never been on the rims, Great grip for bashing or racing. I bought them and I thought they were for a 1/8 scale buggy so my loss is your gain. The tires just by them selfs go for $20.00 bucks just for two of them and I am selling all four and the rims too. Please daddy needs a new set of rims for his race buggy. Merry X-mas people. Thanks for your time. Eric

#2 karfrik Dec 13, 2010 01:09 PM

would this fit a Duratrax evader st?....thanks,Al

#3 giddyuperic Dec 13, 2010 05:14 PM

Does it have the hex nuts on the drive shafts for the wheels? If so then yes.

#4 karfrik Dec 21, 2010 02:11 AM

well if you mean the nut that holds the wheel into the hub,yes.Im new to this,if you want i can post pics just to be safe.LMK......thanks,..Albert

#5 giddyuperic Dec 21, 2010 12:38 PM

Sure you should have hex nuts all the way around and in the rear you should have little metal pin that goes threw the rear hex nut to hold the rim for rear wheel drive. Go a head and send the photos if you like then I can tell you for sure okay?

#6 karfrik Dec 21, 2010 01:50 PM

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here are the pics,they just have a plain hex nylon nut on the hubs at the front and plain hex nylon nut in the back.If you take the rear wheel out,you then see a small pin that kind of interlock with the wheels for traction.Hope this helps......Al

#7 karfrik Dec 21, 2010 01:54 PM

one question thou,are all 4 rims same size all way around,or wider in the back and slimmer up front?.....Albert

#8 giddyuperic Dec 21, 2010 03:58 PM

That is the same and yes the fronts are slimmer then the rear. And yes the rear run the pin and the front just run the hey nut. Let me know if you want to buy them?

#9 karfrik Dec 23, 2010 01:18 AM

yes will buy them if they really fit my Evader ST.Im new in the hobbie and thats why i want to make sure they really fit.So if 100% sure then i`ll take them.Quote me shipping to 76052 in TX then....thanks,Al

#10 giddyuperic Dec 23, 2010 01:31 AM

This is what I will do for you I will take some photos for you so you can see that they are right and will fit you car. I will do it first thing in the morning and to ship to you I will go 7.95. that is for me have to drive to the post and package them ans send them on there way. Now would you like me to wait tell next monday to ship as it will be much much easer to send them okay?

#11 karfrik Dec 23, 2010 10:34 AM

sounds good to me,and next monday will be ok.Waiting for pics whenever possible........Al

#12 giddyuperic Dec 25, 2010 10:23 PM

Photos and marked sold
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Here are the photos and I hope you had a great christmas. I am going to mark these sold and if you can please pay me I will mail them out monday first thing in the morning okay? Thanks Eric

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