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#1 balesse Nov 16, 2010 03:22 AM

Micro Pitts and Mini Cassutt out of Voltek Volara foam
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My brother gave me some Voltek Volara foam to try out. The stuff I have is dark grey and about 1/8 in thick. From my understanding the type I have is Polypropylene (like EPP), but is extruded like Depron rather then expanded beads like EPP. It is much tougher than EPP or Depron, which is great, but is much heavier (I think it might be about twice as heavy as the same thickness EPP.

Anyway I have two planes now using the foam. A scaled up Micro Pitts and scaled up Mini Cassutt These are both great designs that are a lot of fun to build.

What is great about this foam is its ability to bend into nice shapes and both of these planes take advantage of that.

The Pitts is pretty standard, just scaled up, and added ailerons. The Cassutt deviates from the plans a bit. It is scaled up, I left off the engine cowling, the wing is airfoiled, and the control surfaces are enlarges, which give it more of squat look.

The both fly great. The Pitts could sometimes us some more power, but flies remarkably like the 12 balsa Micro Pitts that I have seen. The Cassutt is quick and much more manuverable (do to the larger control surfaces) and the regular Cassutt. Plus I just added lights to it this evening, so it will be a new night flier!

#2 den bach Nov 16, 2010 05:44 PM

nice lights
way cool:cool:

#3 Meshuggah Nov 16, 2010 05:48 PM

Nice! How much do they whey? The pitts is pretty tricky to setup right, i usually have more angle on the top wing. Creates more drag but gets really stable.

#4 balesse Nov 17, 2010 12:13 AM

The Pitts is 168g AUW and the Cassutt is 240g AUW. I think my mini Cassutt that is all EPP is around 110g AUW, so the larger one is a lot heavier, but the wingloading is probably similar. It flies completely different because of the large control surfaces and because it has a lot more power than my small one.

When I first built the Pitts I never put the former between the fuselage and the top wing. I just taped the wing to the fuse. The flight characteristics definitely improved once I put that former in.

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