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#1 herk1 Nov 11, 2010 06:42 PM

Wicked Stryker Lite
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Just finished a lightweight Stryker build based around Don's "Wicked JR Park Pusher" motor. It's my second Stryker build. The first one also used an outrunner motor from Don, but a bigger one. I built that Stryker similar in weight and performance to a stock Stryker.

For this new one, my goal was to keep the weight low enough that the plane would have unlimited vertical with the Wicked JR motor. Since Don rates the Wicked JR at 16 ounces thrust with a 6x4 prop, I figured I needed an AUW of at least an ounce or two below that.

So to save weight, I used a 1050 mAh 3S battery (instead of the 2200 in my other one), used 9 gram servos instead of HS-82's (since this Stryker is not so heavy and fast, it doesn't need more than 9g servos), made the fins out of Depron and the elevons out of balsa, used a lighter, simpler motor mount (epoxied a plastic stick mount into the foam), used a simple lightweight plastic cover over the electronics bay instead of the stock hatch set, and did not paint the model -- but instead applied some of that super-sheer/lightweight colored packing tape. My final AUW came out at 14.6 oz.

I maidened it a couple days ago, and have five flights on it now. It does have unlimited vertical. It can fly around at only 10 or 12 mph, and then speed up to about the speed of a PZ T-28. The elevons I made for it are a little bigger than the stock ones, so it has a better roll rate than my other Stryker. And as far as flight duration, I flew for 10 minutes (mixed throttle, not much WOT) before hitting LVC.

One thing about the Park Pusher motor though -- it didn't like the stock timing on the Turnigy Plush ESC that I am using. Pushing the throttle quickly to full power would make the motor quit. I fixed the problem by reprogramming the ESC for "Middle" timing (it defaults to "Low").

Attached is a photo with both of my "Wicked" Strykers. The new "Lite" one is in the foreground.

#2 The Don Nov 12, 2010 12:09 AM

This is a good idea, I have one of these airframes I bought from a hobby shop as well I can do the same thing to.


#3 Kris... Nov 12, 2010 01:57 AM

herk1 very nice !
Also I love those hinges please can you give me the link to where you got them....Thanks

#4 herk1 Nov 12, 2010 08:04 AM

Thanks! For the hinges, if you're talking about those clamp-on hinges on my old Stryker (the top, red-colored one in the photo), those are part of the stock elevon parts for the Stryker (link: http://www.horizonhobby.com/Products...ProdID=PKZ4233 ). I didn't want to use those for this new build, because they are too heavy, and I wanted a little more elevon surface area.

On that first Stryker I made, I bought the stock replacement parts for elevons, fins, and hatch set. On this new lightweight one, the only Horizon/Parkzone part is the fuselage itself. For elevons, I used balsa sheet, and I hinged them with Blenderm tape.

Because I didn't buy any of the stock parts for this new Stryker, it was really cheap to make. I tallied up the total cost of everything including the battery, except not the receiver, at less than $75.

#5 Kris... Nov 12, 2010 08:20 AM

Wow that is cheap thanks for the info really fancy getting a stryker. the stock one is way to expensive imo

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