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#1 propjobbill Oct 27, 2010 12:33 AM

BoxFly 30 inch foamboard for windy weather
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This is a 30" foamboard sport airplane that flies very well in the wind. Ihave not flown it in heavy wind but in wind of 15 = 18 mph it flies great sometime when the wind is at 25mph I want to take it to the field and give it a try.

The video was made in a little wind 10 =12 mph and it didn't seem to have any effect on the plane.

Box Fly 30 inch Simple Box plane (2 min 54 sec) (2 min 54 sec) (2 min 54 sec)

#2 mt_100 Oct 27, 2010 02:38 PM

Looks nice. What power system are you using?

Have plans?

#3 propjobbill Oct 27, 2010 03:10 PM

I am going to do a build post on it in the scratch-build section. I am using a towerpro motor on it when I do the build I will list all of those thing hopefully with plans. I will be calling it BoxFly I will try to post an update here when I get started.

#4 propjobbill Oct 27, 2010 07:33 PM

I have completed the build thread on this plane http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1329348 in post 12 it tells about the power system.

#5 badpilotto Oct 28, 2010 06:23 PM


Rolling circle with a high-wing plane is crazy but I like it. That looks like something I would do.



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