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#1 pardus Oct 16, 2010 03:45 AM

Android Phone App - Center of Gravity Calculator
Here is a free Android Phone CGC (Center of Gravity Calculator) for planes (It can prevent a crash!).

You enter your required CG percentage, measure and enter the tip chord, the root chord and the sweep and it will calculate the position of the center of gravity of an airplane measured back from the leading edge at wing root.

It's free, released as donationware, and is now available on the Android Market.

It's pretty intuitive but instructions are behind the 'Instructions' button :)

Comments and suggestions welcome!

Please try it out and send it to anyone who might be able to use it! (or point them to this post)

Now available on the Android Market:
QR code or http://www.androidzoom.com/android_a...calc_mctb.html



Graham Dyer


#2 LuckyArmpit Oct 16, 2010 06:07 AM

Pretty cool. Anyone know if there is something like this on Apple's I-Tune's store?
I have an app on my ipod that does conversions. Perfect for those items that are in mm and you need to know what the conversion is to inches.


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