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#1 Gadflyii Oct 13, 2010 11:43 AM

4g6 refreash.... My first CP is finally getting tired; advice needed
As most of you know my first CP helicopter was my beloved 4G6. I have flown the hell out of it, crashed more times than I can count, and it has been a fantastic little heli with many hundreds of flights on it.

Well... She is just tired and the time has come to refreash and upgrade her to her former glory.

I need a new main motor, and would like to upgrade to something with more power since I am now doing basic 3D.

I would really like to go flybarless so it matches the rest of my fleet.

The servo set is brand new, and I have already replaced all of the bearings, and the entire tail section is brand new, but I would like to get some of the upgraded tail pieces.

I have not really been keeping up with the new developments on the 4g6 as I have been going though a divorce and have not had time. I really could use a good rebuild project, and I was hoping there would be one or two fellow 4g6 nuts out there that would help guide me a bit so I can buy some parts today and do the rebuild this weekend.

What 3 axis reciever should I get? I have 2801Pro TX's with the 2.2 firmware

What motor? What lipos? Should I jump to 2S?

What flybarless head?

Suggestions on the main rotors? Stock still the best? Tail rotors?

Many Many thanks in advance to you all.

#2 hjns Oct 13, 2010 12:47 PM

Hi Gadfly,

Happy to hear your 4G6 is worn out due to intensive flying. What is your budget? On the German forum quite some people have gone 2S. If you have the money, it will be a very nice upgrade for a 3D pilot.

I have bought the HP08-2S from wow, with the YGE 8/SAVA combi from Sebastian. However, I still need to build it, so I cannot share any experiences. Ask SLK Count and Amp, maybe they know. BTW, the YGE has a governer, and in combi with the 2S it is supposed to be a killer combi.

Oh, and do the Timewerx airfoiled tailblades. Much better than anything else, including stock, modified Trex 250 blades, with better tail hold even at lower HS, at almost zero costs. For main blades I would stick to stock foamies if you do not crash often. Otherwise I have the feeling that the CF blades create a better lift at the expense of weight.

Last, wait for the V2 of the 2610V.


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