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#1 fuggire Oct 10, 2010 06:51 PM

E-FLY 6BII 2.4GHz R/C System flashing light
well, my wife got me the new art-tech F14, with the E-FLY 6BII 2.4GHz R/C System
SUPER TIGHT!!!, but when I turn the remote transmitter off, and on again a green and red flashes on and off and the plane does not work. I tried turning the transmitter on first then connect the batter, the opposite was done to turn off, but it still does the same thing. I have also tried to switch out new batteries, but it still flashes. So, i took the batteries out and waited for 2 minutes, when I put them in wala!! THe light was green. I did this twice and it worked. Is this light some kind of power light, or binding light? I don't know, please help.

#2 Stryph Oct 25, 2010 02:24 PM

Red LED Indicator is for Low Voltage when the Battery is Under 8.5V the LED will flash when Voltage is under 7.6 The LCD will cut off..

Says so in the manual ..

Check here..


and here..


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