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#1 Toppers Sep 27, 2010 10:34 AM

Mount #2 - Mustang with alu plate and screws mount
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This mounting plate was very kindly given to me by a friend on RCG.

The same principle applies whether you use aluminium or plywood or a hard plastic sheet.

The mounting plate holds 4mm / 1/8" screws that are secured to the place and then secure the motor at a variable distance. This mount is rock solid and allows the motor to have increased thrust angles adjusted. It is essential to get the nuts tightened nicely and then add threadlock to all the nuts to lock them.

I am using the motor X-mount to hold the motor to the screws and the supplied Turnigy bolt-on prop adapter.

This mount is holding the insane 35-30 1400 motor which is crazy fast with a 40A ESC, if you're looking for speed (9x6 MAS prop = 465W). Normal crusing at 1/3 throttle, faster than stock motor with Trojan prop at 50% throttle. :eek:

For the correct spinner clearance, the cowl needs to be carved out to allow the full motor to come out of the front.

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