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#1 Toppers Sep 27, 2010 10:12 AM

Mount #3 - Mustang with stock mount and alu spacers
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This mount requires the shaft to be pushed through the motor. This needs to be done slowly and carefully using a vice and pre-drilled wooden block hold the motor and accept the shaft being pushed through. There are several write-up of this on RCG and youtube... I recommend that you read and watch them all before beginning. Once you understand what you need to do, it is quite straight forward and went well for me.

I found these little alu spacers in the hardware section at Rona (like Home Depot, B&Q, etc). With the stock mount the Turnigy total length exactly matches the stock motor.

The Turnigy mounting holes are different, so the mount was re-drilled using the motor x-mount as a template.

Longer 3M x 15mm screws fitted exactly. The cowl needed just a little carving to not catch the motor. This mount is very quick to complete (once the motor shaft is pushed through.

Other benefits of this mount are that additional airflow is allowed by the spacers and the stock mount will act as the weak point in a crash.

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