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#1 Yabba Sep 15, 2010 09:46 PM

My Taylorcraft
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I recently mentioned that the E-Flite Taylorcraft has replaced my DeHaviland Beaver as my favorite plane.

The reasons are quite simple, the Taylorcraft's groundhandling is straight, it flys at a slow enough speed to look realistic in the air and it will do wheel landings and touch and goes ALL DAY LONG.

What a neat little plane, it even makes ME look good.

On a more un-scalelike note, the Taylorcraft will loop, stall turn and fly inverted with little effort. Don't forget it has a flat-bottomed wing so she does require more elevator then a wing that is semetrical.

And guess what, she does a pretty nice looking knife edge as well. Just enter the knife-edge in a slow steady motion and be ready to feed in some elevator to counter the tuck and she will hold position all the way down thw runway.

Oh, to be honest, I'm running a 480 Hobbypartz outrunner and a 13.5x6 APC on 3 cells so enough power is not a problem. Once my initial climb to altitude I rarely use more then 50% throttle except during Knife-edge and uplines.



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