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#1 IVIadness Sep 13, 2010 06:23 PM

Trade my MSR for your mcx or mcx2
Hello again I already posted this once and I am posting again because the last buyer had to back out due to personal reasons. I am working a deal with the other guy who pmed me second but please post what you have to offer :) also a little update the 5-1 arrived today from horizon so this will have a brand new 5-1 with it.

Hey guys,

I have a blade Msr I want to trade to someone, I can do this a few ways.. First I want to be up front about the msr, my 5-1 just went and when it did it was a big crash I replaced the body and the landing gear and the main tail boom and a new 5-1 is on it's way from horizon I will also include that in the sale. Other thing is I did not know it was my 5-1 so after I rebuild the damn thing and flew it for maybe 10min the 5-1 cut out again and dropped my heli out of the sky and it broke the landing gear, now i do. Have anew set of carbon fiber ones from microheli I will also include but I don't have a tiny enough screw driver to build them so it's on you or you can spend 5 bucks getting new landing gear. I ca'ed the old gear and it looks to beholding but you want want to take a small drill and drill out the landing gear peg if it get stuck like they tend to do..

Besides all that it's a great heli I just want to get something easier for my son to learn on. What's included is a new 5-1 you or I can install it but i will leave trimming it up to you., new micro heli carbon landing gear that needs to be built it's easy if you have a tiny screw drive I just don't have one, 2x tall blades, new blades, the original canopy and fin, new blade grips.. I have the original TX and 4 port also.

So here are the option, please be aware that if your not a heli guy this is not the copter for you because you will need to set the trim adjust the servo arms and all that jazz once you install the new 5-1 it's not hard to do but just can get annoying,

1. You send me your mcx heli ready to fly I send you my msr heli and parts only, and you pay me 30 bucks. Obo

2. You send me your mcx heli ready to fly, I send you the msr and the parts and the 4-port charger and you send me 60 bucks obo

3. You send me your mcx heli ready to fly, I send you the msr and all the parts and the Tx you send me 40 bucks. Obo

4. You just want the heli and parts and you send me 75 bucks obo.

What i would really like to do is send this heli only and parts to someone and they just send me there mcx in working order ready to fly.

I can include pics if needed but i have bought here before and everything i told you is 100% from what i can tell.

I live near Orlando fl and if anyone is local we can also meet up and do this trade for little to no money maybe 10 bucks or something

#2 IVIadness Sep 13, 2010 07:04 PM

Worked out a deal with Z06 Tony.. He is sending me his rtf mcx2 for my Msr with everything listed above and the tx and 4 port charger.. Thanks again guys

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