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#1 Paul Naton Sep 09, 2010 12:42 PM

Onboard HD Flight-Aspire at Poway
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This is the DVD menu loop I edited for the Soaring Master Class 3 DVD.
(When you play the disk, this is the menu display with looping video.)

The footage was shot with a Contour HD cam in 720p, down converted to SD, and cut and color graded in Final Cut Pro. Titles designed in Photoshop and composited in FCP.

Plane is a Lubos Aspire flown by Mike Smith at the Poway flight center in San Diego.

The extensive on-board camera footage shot was synched to the ground camera, with Mike giving live narration through the training flights. This gives you a very unique insight into the Mike's soaring techniques.

I used a split screen to show the a yaw vane (which you can see in a few shots here) as Mike demos how to set differentials and rudder mix. The Soaring Master Class 3 trailer has a 2.5 minute demo clip which shows how the air-cam is used with the ground cam.

Any questions about my set up? PM me -

Paul Naton
Radio Carbon Art

SMC 3 DVD Loop.mp4 (1 min 35 sec)

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