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#1 mountainsax Aug 13, 2010 10:39 PM

HK 450...the sequel!
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I decided to do a build log and what better way to start than with a crash picture!!:D I got a new Dx7 and ar6400e recently and after installing them in my first HK450 I was so excited to fly I forgot that I had the gyro reversed from the previous controller...fence: 1, heli: 0!!:eek:

I now have the HK450 version 2 ordered and will begin building soon. Stay tuned...:popcorn:


#2 mountainsax Aug 17, 2010 09:07 AM

Here is a list of the electronics that I am using:
• Turnigy E500 6T 4000Kv 200W Motor (13T Pinion Gear)
• HD-2216HB Digital Servo (for tail)
• Three HD1900 Servo’s (also ordered 3 HXT 900 servos, don't know which I will install just yet)
• Futaba GY401 Gyro
• The ESC is a bit of a question :confused:...it was used and advertised as an Align 25A, but the wires say Castle Creations and I think it may be a Phoenix 35 but I'm not sure
• Dx7 radio and ar6400e receiver

#3 gunnyz39 Aug 17, 2010 11:43 AM

ouch! fence won. new build looks interesting, i will be following as i too will be building an hk450. i will model close to you bc i dont know much about them, want a smooth build! we have different radio's but i think for the most part itd be the same, ill consult you for some tips.

#4 mountainsax Aug 17, 2010 03:39 PM

I'll be glad to help if I can. I am just learning myself but might be able to give you some advice that I have picked up from others. I have been told that you want at least a 35A ESC if you are doing anything other than mild ff. Mine worked fine when I had it flying before but again it may be a 25A, it may be a 35A...

Good luck with your build!


#5 mountainsax Aug 19, 2010 02:48 PM

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Initial impression of the HK450 V2 kit - I like it! I realize that it is not a high performance kit but for $30 I didn't expect it to be. If this kind of kit wasn't available at this price I wouldn't be able to fly 450's!

- more alloy components (on head, motor mount, canopy mounts, etc.)
- clean look of frame with silver screw washers
- appear to be better quality screws (or it could just be that I am using a good quality driver now!:rolleyes:)
- I like the look of the black fins, main gear and landing gear better than the white on the V1
- motor mount holes look like they will actually line up with my motor holes (V1 I had to make the mount holes wider and longer to fit properly)
- tail guides for servo rod are tight on the boom

- plastic of tail assembly and blade grips appears to be poorer quality than the V1, could just be the color (grey vs black)...only time will tell
- holes in frame don't perfectly line up with holes in bottom tray of frame
- ball links don't look as high quality (lots of plastic pieces that need trimmed) and a few need to be reamed out (to be expected I suppose - better than too loose)
- HXT 900 servos won't fit into the slots in the frame from the back (have to put the end that holds the arm through the hole). Haven't tried the HD 1900's yet.

So far I have assembled the tail, set servos in (not mounted yet) and installed the frame base (it takes a while when you can only work on it from 5:30-6:15am and after 9pm...especially if I want to spend any time with my wife!):cool:

#6 mountainsax Aug 22, 2010 10:50 AM

Servos installed, tail servo adjusted for travel, flybar installed, electronics (ESC, motor, rx, gyro) mounted, velcro for motor on!:D

Servo install has to be my least favorite part of a build. I forgot again, that you have to mount the lower front servo completely before you put the top one in...you think I would have remembered from the first time!:rolleyes:

Next steps: center servo arms, adjust all arms on the head to spec lengths, level swash and setup pitch curves.

#7 mountainsax Aug 22, 2010 10:55 AM

Have I mentioned that I don't like servos!!!:mad: Someone tell me why they make servo arms with holes that are smaller than the screws that they give you to put the balls on with...I need to find a heli without servos! Oh yea, it's called a 2ch coax...:rolleyes:

#8 cactus Aug 25, 2010 08:52 AM

Another way to get HTX900's in without spreading the frame is to carefully take them apart and then put them back together inside the slots. If they do not fit in the slots or are hanging up on parts of the servo, you can file the extra plastic on the servo case. Ask me how I found out about that one! ;)

#9 mountainsax Aug 26, 2010 07:13 AM

So far the broken servo arm count is 2!:mad: The holes in the servo arms for the HXT900s are smaller than for the HD1900s. Tried using a screwdriver to widen the holes and start the screw...didn't work well; tried a screw with larger threads for more bite...cracked the arm; tried widening the hole with a hobby knife...success!, one ball in...then I cracked another arm...:eek:

I am going to get a very small drill bit and make the holes larger. Tried using the arms from the HD1900 servos but they won't fit the HXTs.

Have I properly expressed my dislike for servos yet? These things have delayed my build at least a week!:eek:


#10 mountainsax Aug 26, 2010 02:11 PM

Got a small needle file set from H*Depot like this. I'll give it a try tonight to see if I can got the servos set up.

#11 mountainsax Aug 31, 2010 07:16 AM

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I finally got the servo balls installed on the horns. The needle files worked great! :D

The progress is still slow but it is coming along! I got the wires run and secured. They aren't perfect, but they are better than my last attempt.

The channels are all set so that I get proper movement of the swash, now I need to level the swash. There is some issue with the tail servo that I need to figure out. It will only go one way...:confused: It'll all come together eventually!


#12 cactus Aug 31, 2010 09:06 AM


#13 mountainsax Sep 03, 2010 07:17 AM

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The swash is leveled at full negative, mid stick, and full positive. Confirmed 0deg pitch at mid stick. The head is now fully setup and I just need to set my pitch curves! :D

Still need to figure out the tail servo, but it will come.

I got off on a tangent last night and started working on my next "custom" canopy. :cool:


#14 cactus Sep 03, 2010 08:58 AM

Alright canopy man, get working on that tail!

#15 mountainsax Sep 06, 2010 03:34 PM

Build Complete!!
^^Yes Boss!^^:cool:

:DAlright, it's ready to fly!!:D I think everything is ready for the first flight. I plugged the tail servo directly into the receiver and it worked as expected. Made some adjustments and plugged the gyro back in. Ready to go!

I did learn some things about working with the wire cover material. First, you can feed wires in and out along the way so not everything has to go through the ends of the sleeve. Second, it is a good idea to mark the plugs on the wire in some way so you know what servo, ESC, etc. they go to because once they are run in bunches through the casing it is not very easy to figure out which plug goes to which servo.

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