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#1 Fish99 Jul 16, 2010 02:37 PM

The NEXT challenge ... or two ...
Been flying the 109, Spitty and SU-26xp at the local park a lot (between rain storms!) and having a great time! That 109 with Monster Power 15 is a winner! (Even getting the hang of landing in a ball diamond ... tight) and the Spit continues to be a beaut, though I am more and more finding myself not liking the fact that a 109 can fly circles around a spitfire ... more on that later.

The Su is sure teaching me a lot about acrobatic flying. Great little plane, light, quick and if you get it up there a bit, you can push it A TON past the edge of control and still recover from bad situations as it is so responsive. (Just have to keep reminding myself to BREATH!)

Well the virdict is in, I AM going to mod the Spitfire. Got some great help on the forums for a custom motor mount and suggested engines and prop sizes, so I took the plunge and ordered it last night! Can't wait to ge the new BL, Turnigy motor into it, Master Airscrew prop on it and see how it goes! (Should be able to give that old 109 a run then! :D Now just have to find a cheap Rx that is either from stectrum or one of those compatible products and I am good to go ...

Already planning the winter mod project. Going to by a second wing for the 109 and take on the retract challenge! Will be interesting and if I can get it done, awesome to look at. Should be a fun winter. I think I will upgrade to a Spectrum 6200 or some such 6 Ch full range on this, then transfer the AR500 to the Spitty for the engine upgrade.

Till then, will keep flying them as is and having fun ... if only work didn't get in the way of my flying addiction!

Have fun and watch out for gravity ... planes are alergic to it!


UPDATE: Moded the Spitty, new BL motor, Spectrum Rx, servo, prop. See Spitty Blog thread for details and links to VIDEO!

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