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#1 Shikra May 05, 2010 05:02 AM

Locosys LS20033 issues ? How to improve performance
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What performance changes will I see?

Before mod:
Acquisition time to 5 or more sats - usually several minutes. Sometimes forever!
Max number of sats typically 6
Sometimes drop sats during flight below min count (less than 5).Occasionally drop down to 1 or 2

After mod:
Acquisition time to 5 or more sats - usually less than a minute. Occasionally 2
Never see low sat warning - even in valley or short time inverted flight....
Max sats typically 8 or 9

Caveat!If you are under warranty, this will probably invalidate it.
If you are not confident with fine soldering, get someone else to do it... seriously.
If it goes wrong don't blame me!!

What do I do?
If there is a small strip of foil stuck along the edge of the metal can remove it and clean up residue with a suitable solvent.

Red = warning!
- Be very carefully not to bridge any of the pins when soldering. It is easy to do. Use a desolder pump or wick to remove if you accidentally solder across pins.
- Be very careful if carrying out the amber coloured soldering. Do NOT solder to the thin pcb track running along the outside edge of the GPS module as indicated.

Amber = more difficult soldering. Will see an improvement even without this. - For the soldering on the two outside long edges of the board, this is a little more tricky. you are actually soldering to a very small square PCB sandwiched between the metal can and the main board. Look and understand this first.
- Gently scrape along the edge of the small bits of metal can that touch the small square PCB with a sharp knife. ONLY do the small bits where they are already touching. Your aim is to clean the joint and break through the pcb track protective layer to allow a solder joint between the metal can and the small square pcb ground track.

Green = easiest to solder.
- this is straightforward soldering in two places as per the picture.

Note for Blacksork OSD users
- also replace the GPS cable. It is EXTREMELY fragile and breaks internally right at the point where it is crimped.
- recommend replaceent from firstpersonview.co.uk, but you will have to swap some pins around, cut one of the cables on there and add teh ressitor from your old cable.
- fixes intermittant issues such as "connect GPS" and weird charcters on screen
All credit to Vova from RangeVideo for first posting this and the fix. I've merely added a few supporting words and clarification.


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