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#1 Quixksilver Apr 07, 2010 06:19 PM

How fast can a quad copter fly?
Has any one clocked how fast a quad copter can go wile maintaining level flight?
What do you think a sound estimate would be? 40mph, 80mph?

#2 13brv3 Apr 07, 2010 06:44 PM

Here's a post I made on the MK thread a while back, which should give some idea. If the goal was to see how fast you could make a quad go, you could improve on this for sure, but it would be horribly inefficient.


I couldn't resist doing a speed test today, and entertained the locals a bit at the same time

I flew my standard MK configuration, which is Turnigy 2217/20 motors, with APC1047 props. I flew it visually, with and without the camera pod. There wasn't much wind, but I made runs into, and with the wind, then averaged the highest speed run in each direction.

With camera pod (55 oz)- 36.5 mph
Without pod (36 oz)- 42.5 mph

The speed never quite maxed out due to running out of visual range, so the ultimate top speed for this combo would likely be about 5mph higher. The bank angle at these speeds is in excess of 45 degrees, maybe closer to 60 for the unladen MK. Pity I didn't have the laptop running to capture that on MK-Tool.


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