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#1 Ghost_ Mar 29, 2010 12:47 PM

Typhoon electric build log and presentation
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Coming soon...:eek::eek:

With lots lots of pictures and information about this splendid glider.

A few info and photos first:

Since the original sailplane version has been very well received by the discerning flying community, we felt justified in taking the next logical to extend its performance to allow our amp addicts to have a stir. So we re-designed the fuselage to allow for some “grunt in the front”!

Probably not intended as a very first electric sailplane, the Typhoon does offer sparkling performance, but is an easy fly when thermalling. For experienced flyers, the plane is very agile, goes where it is told and generally handles like a dream.

Able to fly in almost any conditions and equipped with a full house complement of ailerons, rudder, elevator and flaps, plus the electrics, the Typhoon can perform leisurely aerobatics or be made into a hair-raising, jaw-aching rocket by opening up the power, yet it will slow down to hand-catch speed for landings.

Rudder and Elevator control servos are located in a well just behind the wing leaving the front end completely open for electrics, battery, motor installation etc.

Made from CNC generated moulds, and supplied with a full kit of small parts, Typhoon is constructed to the highest standards of fit and finish.

Typhoon is a real all-rounder, yet it will fit on the Parcel shelf of most cars.

Options include:
Wing/tail/fuselage protective bags
Wing wiring harness

Span: 2.0m
Length: 1.2m
Empty weight: 950g
Flying weight: 1400g
Wing Aerofoils: JH8 series 8%, 7.5%, 7% blended
Tail Aerofoil: SD8020

Also just to mention that you can order it with your own paint scheme..!!
(At a small additional cost)

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