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#1 Ron101 Mar 23, 2010 11:01 AM

Blast From the past
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Thought I'd throw up a few pictures of olders planes I've coverted to electric.

1.The frist is an Dietrich Extra 260 50cc sized. I'm running a Neu 1521 1.5Y with the P-42 gear box. It has a 24x12 or 22x12 prop depending on how I want to fly it. The 24x12 is better for a short high power 3D flight.. the 22x12 gives a longer fligth with a little less power. I run a CC 110 HV and 12s 30c 5000 mah packs.. all high end JR servos, futaba fasst RX and dual 6 cell 2300 mah nimh packs. It gives me about 4400 watts and a 7 minute flight. The power is just unreal and makes my friends with DA-50's trip out with all the power I have. It's 17 pounds ready to fly.. I have many flights and it's still going strong

2. Next is old trusty. It's a hanger 9 P-51 with a Hacker A50-12L on 6s 5000 mah with a 16x12 prop . It's the Miss America scheme. This has been the best little warbird, I still have it and fly it often. One of my best flying planes.

3. I sold this one... it was my first large EDF jet a cermark F-16. With the help of Electric Jet Factory we converted it to electric useing a DS-94 1527 neu motor, CC110, Cermark retracts and brakes. It was a great flying plane.. top speed around 135 mph. Flight times were pretty short due to lack of full ducting. I had a great time with it put 50 flights and sold it and moved on to other projects

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