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        Yippee! Australia's Manilla Slope fest 2010

#1 steve wenban Feb 05, 2010 02:33 AM

Australia's Manilla Slope fest 2010
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West Sydney Slope Soarer's are proud to present

Australia's Manilla Slope Fest 2010 17th to the 26th September.
Once again many thanks go to our host Godfrey Wenness
For all accommodation needs
live Borah cam http://www.ustream.tv/channel/borahcam Cost of shirts is as follows
$25 for polo shirt

Late News update :Lake Keepit Soaring Club Will be in attendance on the main weekend with the Duo Discus assembled
and available for viewing down at the base camp on the airfield They are also putting together an information package
of there ops which will be handed out on the weekend . I'd like to take this chance to thank them in advance for their
participation in the event and look forward to meeting some of their members. They have Also offered Trial flights at a discount for event participants on producing your FAI card .

A dinner will be held on Saturday evening of the 25th Venue to be decided, but this is just a social event for everyone that just want to get together for a good meal and a chat session to discuss next years event
and for the wives and girlfriends to actually enjoy a quite wine away from a wind swept mountain.

Ok I know its early notice but ,the basic setups been done now we are open for some suggestions .This year we would love to include the PSS event using the same rules and guide lines as the ISR have set out as a tried and true method. Also the Last man standing combat event ,which will include a Gate call from the flight line judge which would mean that all aircraft would need to drop and pass through a set of poles on the upwind side of the launch area. Also short streamers are to be applied to all aircraft , once knock out the streamer would be removed but you can still relaunch and take part in the carnage how ever last man standing should still have a streamer attached.
of course the out landing will be on again same as last year which was a blast. The Dates are
from Friday the 17th September 2010 to Sunday 26th September 2010.
So please feel free to add Idea's and suggestions. The Night flying redbull race on the flat could be very interesting but will take some thought :).
After having a great time with all the guys at Camperdown in I'm looking forward to another great week of general slope trashing with a great crew of slopers :D
I do know that all the cabins are booked but plenty of campsites available or accommodation in Manilla its self and once again an early interest from some pilots from the US so if you missed it last time dont miss this one .
Sponsors have come forward already and I happy to announce For the PSS
comp www.ozskunkworx.com forward with some kits as prizes for this event.
another sponsor has step up again as well thanks Glenn and Rick
And Ming has offered kit sponsorship again this year as well .
David Leigh of http://www.rc-sailplane.com.au/ has come on board with some sponsorship which is very much appreciated

News Update Klaus Weiss of http://www.airsportsrc.com.au/ has once again offered his support for the event Thanks Klaus.

Some more news Dave brown has offered his sponsorship again just now as well.
Dave brown Model Drafting Services laser cutting service short kits from your plan daveb@ix.net.au a short kit

other things of interest will be how to's
such as wing bagging demo by Off The Edge
and perhaps airbrushing techniques from the Oz skunk workx boys
as well as the $25 build it out of bits comp but a list below can give a better idea of a week full of festival will take in
1. Last man standing Combat
2. The Outlanding comp.
3. The PSS comp (to ISR rules) Please PM me for the XL file of score sheet and judging critrea
4. A foamie Limbo event
5. The $25 build it from bits challenge (build some sort of slope machine out of what ever works.
6. Night flying event (possible Red Bull pylon style racing to be confirmed with Godfrey ,it was his idea )
7. And electric aerotow off the flat if the slopes not on ?
8. Wing bagging demo
9. Airbrushing techniques
10. silicone hinging demonstration
11. an Alua HLG of the flat in the morning before the wind hits the moutain

Shirt payment can be done at the event.

Ok this is the list for Shirts so far
Matin (USA)1
Jim (USA) 1
Dave (NZ) 2
Andrew(NSW) 2
Jordan (NSW)1
Glenn OTE (NSW)3
Rick OTE (NSW)2
SteveW (NSW) 1
Barry (NSW) 1
Laurie (NSW) 1
Warren (NSW)2
John (NSW) 1
SteveMc(NSW) 1
Stehl (NSW) 1
Shane (QLD) 1
Mathew (QLD) 1
Eric (QLD) 1
Jeff (QLD)1
Phil (NSW) 1

Manilla 2010 entry form is now available.

#2 Stehl Feb 05, 2010 03:06 AM

Im in again
I had a brilliant time last year.
Freq 2.4


#3 Stehl Feb 05, 2010 03:38 AM

A couple of pics of last years fest



#4 EeleyEagle Feb 05, 2010 05:32 AM

I'm In
Cabin booked and planes on the building board. Bringing a mate as well, the more the merrier. I like the idea of a PSS component as long as it is on Thursday, Friday, Sat or Sunday lol:-)
Chanel 613

#5 ZIPPER Feb 05, 2010 06:58 AM

$10 foamy build.

#6 steve wenban Feb 05, 2010 02:38 PM

Yeah thought about it but probably be a bit more difficult with a large number of people cost wise to supply the material ,however if the limit was set at $10 to build it with set spec's of airfoil and span and the same ideas of Dean and Kent's of no carbon just EPS ,Fibre Tape, wood spar, and covering in the form of Tape lam film or book covering . Well its some thing to think about .

#7 gizzo Feb 05, 2010 03:53 PM

Might be fun to do some kind of "officeworks challenge". Set a spending limit maybe $20.00 and shop for anything you might find useful to build an airframe with (excluding linkages, horns, radio) at a nominated shop ie officeworks and see what kind of plane each entrant can cobble up? Then some flying tasks.
Just an idea.

#8 ZIPPER Feb 05, 2010 04:53 PM

We could punch out a number of cores on the CNC, that way they will all be the same, just need to find some cheep EPS.
We could have team builds, that way we would need less cores and there would be more innervation in the builds.
You would also have to use your $10 special in the combat/last man standing, out landing, PSS, F3F and what ever other events to gain points. That way every one in the team gets a fly (maybe not PSS:p).

#9 discostu956 Feb 05, 2010 09:29 PM


Might be fun to do some kind of "officeworks challenge". Set a spending limit maybe $20.00 and shop for anything you might find useful to build an airframe with (excluding linkages, horns, radio) at a nominated shop ie officeworks and see what kind of plane each entrant can cobble up? Then some flying tasks.
Just an idea.
I have some support Steve!!:D I really liked that idea as well

#10 steve wenban Feb 05, 2010 09:31 PM

Sounds good Glenn, but cheap foam is a mythical beast the only place Ive found is here
http://www.foamexpoly.com.au/ and thats not real cheap either .
And you missed out fastest pass to the list :) the office work challenge or maybe the Bunnings challenge I think you'd have to make it $25 for either Bunnings or Officeworks to get enough to actually make something cause I know Office works here is pretty damn pricey

#11 discostu956 Feb 05, 2010 10:33 PM

Wouldn't $2 shops be better if you were to run with such an idea? I see a lot of stuff that could be used on those shops-radio control kite anyone:D

#12 steve wenban Feb 06, 2010 12:16 AM

PSS static judging
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with ISR's blessing the rules for judging :D

#13 discostu956 Feb 06, 2010 05:45 AM

What does the "due well" refer to in that document?

#14 SLOPE HEAD Feb 06, 2010 03:44 PM

Steve is this PSS thing a ploy to get the Victorian contingent up north?

#15 r/c junkie Feb 06, 2010 03:55 PM


Originally Posted by SLOPE HEAD (Post 14278016)
Steve is this PSS thing a ploy to get the Victorian contingent up north?

I was thinking the same thing.Time to build a second F4u


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