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#1 DrFragnasty Jan 23, 2010 04:38 AM

fun Saturday
Despite a winch battery that was pushed to even wind in the line after I'd finished; I had a ball today. Flew the Ellipse 4 which is up for sale...isn't it always the way; threaten to sell a glider and it pulls its socks up and performs.

After some truly flaccid launches with a crosswind the E4 danced with the angels and a couple of interested hawks at 1000ft.

The 2 awesome flights (admittedly at 7pm after the sun had baked the ground all day) made up for the line snags thanks to a pecularly robust weed that has sprouted on the upper slopes of our amazing flat-field at St. Leonards.

The Estrella needs to fly fast in thermal mode. Flew with no ballast but couldn't hook a thermal except for low-down in cruise mode flying fast 20ft off the ground. I flew for 5 mins at that altitude like a glorified HLG.

E4 vs Estrella...E4 wins!



#2 Swoopdown Jan 27, 2010 11:45 PM

Great to see you gave the old girl a good work out and she pulled up all good.
Just goes to show that its not what its how you fly them.

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