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#1 jbourke Jan 12, 2010 11:11 AM

Things you can do yourself
Site moderation is generally handled by the paid staff, who issue warnings and points according to the site rules.

From time to time, users ask if they can personally moderate parts of the site. There are several ways we can accomodate this.

Moderating a forum - Users can moderate certain forums. Vendors can moderate their own forums in the vendor area. Clubs can moderate their own forums in the Clubs area. We also allow for other-than-English language moderation in the Regional areas, and from time to time we allow volunteers to moderate the main forums, though this process has largely been discontinued.

Moderating a thread - Any thread in the Chit Chat area is moderated by the thread starter. If you want to control the discussion, create your thread there.

Your blog - You are also able to moderate any replies made to a blog thread. This works in a similar way to Chit Chat.

Sticky Threads - All sticky threads are moderated by the thread starter. If you want to have a thread stickied (or unstickied), you can accomplish this by reporting the first post in the thread. Choose "Stick/Unstick this thread" from the list of report options.

Other things you can do to assist with the site:

Report Rules Violations - Note that the moderators do not actually read the site! They rely on users like you to report infractions as you see them. Use the "Report This Post to a Moderator" link to alert the moderators of any offensive content. Please come up to speed on all the rules before you start reporting things. We receive a number of frivolous reports every day, and this slows things down for us.

Ask for Moderator Assistance - The "Report This Post to a Moderator" link is also where you go if you want us to move a thread, stick or unstick a thread, merge or split threads, or perform other types of administrative action.

Add Content - Of all the things you can do, sharing information is the most valuable!


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