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#1 switchback7 Dec 15, 2009 12:37 PM

Syma s012 mini co ax apache review.
hey, not been on for a while, had to buy one of these little(15 cm long) 3 channel birds just on principle and i have to say its more fun and challenging than my v3/commanche!

love the scale detail, can't believe they can do this so small. after stripping a bit of weight off it u can get a good 5-6 mins good flight time, which is about double over stock.

i especially like how u can keep pushing it forward with the horizontal tail rotor, unlike the v3 which always corrects fastish fwd flight after a few meters.

u do have to alter the trim as the battery fades and it wants to turn in fwd flight but easily controlled on the proportional controls.

easier to fly around small rooms just awesome, think someone on here has stripped one right down and claims 9 minute flight time, this seems possible to me.

plenty of vids on the tube.

it charges off controller, i got about 6 goes out of a cheap set of 6. but u can get a wall charger off ebay i think.

cost me under 20. got about 8 flights in today so far with some crashes, but no breakages. very resiliant.

suprised there isn't more on these on here, anyone got any thread links?

might pick up the airwolf or chinook next.

anyone got the bigger 3chnl syma helis, very interested in getting one as i reckon it will b more useable outside over v3.

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