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#1 Jimmy JFlyer Dec 14, 2009 06:36 PM

HK SS esc's, programmable vs non-programmable.
Hey folks, just a quick question for anyone that has experience with HK's HKSS series escs. I see that 25-30 amp & 18-20 amp esc's are available as card programmable and non programmable. (plug & play)

Yes, I know that these esc's are extremely cheap, but I am flying on a budget and have been using their 8-10 amp on my own micro design & it works like a champ so I am tryiong these 2 esc's as well.

Does anyone have experience with both versions? Do the non programmable escs work ok switching back & forth from 2s to 3s?
Or is it worth the extra buck to get card programmable and get the Turnigy card for 7 bones?

Any advice or opinions will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for looking.

#2 shultz Dec 14, 2009 07:17 PM

I have two of these on a twin...

These WILL NOT WORK with 2s... the LVC circuit kicks in and you can't program it out... 3s no problem. as for programing i stick programed mine... it's not that hard... even though they have served me well using 3s i will NEVER buy SS ESC's again. look at the HC forums for more info on the SS series of ESC's.

#3 Jimmy JFlyer Dec 14, 2009 08:20 PM

Thx for the reply Shultz. I am sorry to hear that for sure. I have the 25-30 amp in your link and fortunately it is going on a scratch built foamy that is never going to fly on anything smaller than 3s.
I do however have the 18-20 amp esc and was planning on running that one on 2s though. Don't mind saying I'm a bit worried. It is the non programmable version.
I will look through the HK forums as you suggested.
Thx again for the good word.

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