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#1 Joost Runsink May 06, 2003 03:01 AM

Novarossi .12 engines
I'm looking for a new engine for my Associated rc10gt.
After looking at the Novarossi site I had had more questions than before !!
Can anybody explaine what the 3 "series" stand for ? namely the Nova, Rex
and Top series. Also, I made a small overview (www.f3b.nl/novarossi.jpg) of
the 6 engines that should be suitable for the truck. Not very informative,
but what are the real differences between these engines ? All the collored
heads are the same as well as the standard aluminium heads. All the cranck
cases look the same. Bore and stroke are all the same, exept for some small
rpm differences. Only thing I can think of is the material used on the
liner/piston set, but prices don't show this, and maybe porting.

Also, what is the relation between RB and Novarossi ? If Rb does development
for their own engines, what would that be ? Since the crankcases again looks
the same as the Nova, Rex and top engines !

Hope somebody can shed some light on this.


#2 Seajj2 May 06, 2003 03:01 AM

Re: Novarossi .12 engines
No difference at all. Same material and everything. You can go buy a
novarossi piston/sleeve and it will go right in. Just a way to get more of
their product out on the market. As for RB concept it is a novarossi, but they
work on their heads and carbs. I even have one for sale if you are interested.
It was in a friend of mines GT and boy is it fast. That is why he is not
running it now, because it was too much horspower

Email me if you are interested at seajj2@aol.com

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