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#1 drh024 Oct 29, 2009 04:21 PM

Aerotech g77-10R
I have 2 aerotech single use engines for sale N.I.P. G77-10R $20 each

#2 bigfatdaddy Nov 02, 2009 05:25 PM

Item #:ARO-77707

Introduced by Aerotech at the National Retail Hobby Stores Association convention in Las Vegas.
The G77R is Aerotech's first hobby rocket motor using its well-known Redline propellant. The G77-R single-use motors produce an outstanding brilliant exhaust plume approximately two feet long while demonstrating the Redline signature laser-beam red color.

Unlike G motors offered by other manufacturers, the G77R is only 4.875 inches long and fits all rockets using standard 29mm motor mount tubes, including all Aerotech kits.

The G77R delivers 105 N-sec of total impulse with a burn time of 1.3 seconds and a peak thrust of 100 newtons. The G77R includes the FirstFire 2-lead igniter in time delays of 4, 7 and 10 seconds.

Can not be shipped to APO's or outside the 48 contiguous states or by any other method than GROUND delivery.

Retail Price: $19.99
Sale Price: $17.01
give you 30 for both ?
its the short duration that makes them not desirable

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