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#1 megawatt Apr 23, 2003 10:50 PM

Cheap brushless setup for Kyosho F16?
Went ahead and bought (cheap)one of these kits today at a little out of the way hobby shop. Figured since they are no longer available, I'd give it a try. Any suggestions for proven combo's?
I would like to try a mega if possible to limit cost. What do you experts think?


#2 christopher2 Apr 24, 2003 10:09 AM

There is a member at our club that fly's the F-16 whit the Plettenberg 200/20/6 and also flew it whit the Plettenberg 200/25/5
Then you can use a normal Schulze so that would reduce also the price

#3 Wheazel Apr 24, 2003 11:20 AM

I have flown my Ky F-16 with mega 16/15/2 and Tmm 40 four times before i got a stone into the fan ;(.
Performance was not outstanding on 8 Nicds, pretty nice speed though.
Mega is cheap Bl, but i recommend a longer motor that has more power than the mega.


#4 Herb Apr 24, 2003 02:13 PM

Mega 16/15/2 or 3 + jeti 40A controller is a cheap option, but I would seriously look into a Kontronic Fun 400-36 or 480-42 motor/esc combination from Northeast Sailplanes ("drive sets"),


Or a Hacker B40-11S & Hacker Master 40A esc, for ex from Icare


#5 doc-e Apr 24, 2003 02:46 PM

How about this - ASTRO 050-3T Motor for Kyosho Fan with #203 45 Amp Control #806K - on the stock fan and an 8cell pack?

#6 Herb Apr 24, 2003 04:28 PM

I'm not an expert on the Astros but I think their controllers are somewhat current limited.

You might want to consider the Astro motor with a Jeti Master controller, so you can - if you need to or desire - ramp up the current later by increasing cell count.

The stock setup (8 cells) is something like 8V x 34A = 270 Watts. For the brushless setup I would aim at 350-450 Watts depending on taste.

#7 megawatt Apr 25, 2003 11:17 AM

Thanks guys, I know this one has been hashed over and over, but new motors and controllers seem to hit the market so frequently these days, I wanted a "fresh" opinion from you experts. Herb, I am going with the Kontronic setup. I am very motivated to get this jet flying after seeing your videos!:D

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