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#1 Steve Boone Apr 04, 2009 08:12 AM

The Sportsman's Soaring Program
Welcome to the Sportsman's Soaring Program (SSP) thread. Everyone is welcome to try it, everyone involved in it has a say in it's development. If it succeeds or fails it will be by it's own merits not by someone who has never tried it's opinion. Feel free to voice your opinions. Keep it civil and be polite to others. I also ask that you try to leave discussion of the LSF out of this thread. This thread is to be for the discussion and development of the SSP. We would appreciate any input positive or negative as long as it's on topic. If you want to give it a try let us know how you're doing and what you think of it. If you think it sucks and quit, tell us why. You have the ability to cause change within the program, except for one detail. This is a non-competition, task oriented program and will stay that way. Anything else is open for discussion and change.



#2 Steve Boone Apr 07, 2009 11:13 AM

I want to take a minute to do a little rambling. There has been concern of long flights being boring. I would like to say, I agree that going back and forth along a slope could become boring. You do not have to simply fly back and forth though. You can be bustin' out your favorite moves the whole time! Fly inverted, do low passes, aerobatics or what ever turns you on. For example I made a 45 minute TD flight last year with a Sophisticated Lady and was doing aerobatics for kicks the last 15 minutes or so of the flight. One day it was too windy for my Tower Hobbies Vista to do anything of importance time wise. My buddy Dave had his retiever there and let me shoot my landings using it so I wouldn't have to walk so much. When I got to the last two I decided it would be more fun to get them "the hard way". On approach I would do two loops and land. It made it way more entertaining and much more difficult. Could it have come back and bit me on the behind? Yup, and it did many times, but it was fun! My point is it doesn't have to be boring if you use your imagination. Will it cost you some flights or landings that would have made it, probably. Will it make the ones you get more exciting, definatly! The intent of this program is to be challenging, fun and to give a bit of structure to our soaring days to keep things from becoming stale. Like so many other programs, this program is not meant to be done in one season of flying. It's also going to get exponentially harder. By the time you get to the Titanium level I guarantee you will have worked for it! This is not going to be some fodder for the "you just want an easy way out, want it light" crowd to throw in your face. In fact, I intend for it to be worthy of admiration by others no matter if you compete or not. There will always be those who will be down on this program I'm sure. To those I say, it will be time for THEM to put up or shut up just like we were told to do. (why do I feel like i should be shouting "REVOLUTION" and shaking my fist right now?) Thanks for letting me ramble and rant a bit. I needed it!

#3 Steve Boone Apr 07, 2009 03:21 PM

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All right everyone, please remember that none of the credit for this goes to me. I would like to thank Thom (Speedo125) for his time, effort and even letting me request a small change (I asked for colored lettering, thanks Thom) for the creation of the logo for the SSP. He did a fantastic job and then sent it to me. I liked it so well I'm using it. Thom has re-worked it so it's usable as wallpaper as well. So without further delay...drumroll please :)

#4 Steve Boone May 08, 2009 09:24 AM

It's official, Steve Goulet from Missouri is the first member to complete the Copper Level in the Sportsman's Program. Thanks for all of your hard work and support of the program. You are now member #1 in the Sportsman's Soaring Program. I can't wait to join you on the official membership roll. Good luck on the Bronze Level!

#5 Steve Boone Jul 30, 2009 02:59 PM

The grafix guy has the logo and is making adjustments for me. I'm adding the word "Member" to the bottom right of the decal and a cut-away portion with all of the levels in their respective colors. That way everyone can cut off their current level and stick it left of "Member". That way you will be able to show your current level as well. Then as your level status gets upgraded you can simply cut and apply the next level over it to change it. At least that's what I'm trying for.

Thom (Speedo125) gets all of the credit for creating the logo way back in the beginning. Just as Joe (Thermaler) gets credit for supplying and keeping up the web pages. I was told I could do what I wanted with the logo. As far as I'm concerned any member that wants to show his pride and support of the program is welcome to use it as long as it's not for profit. Use it for a wallpaper on a computer, print it for the wall, have a shirt made to wear while soaring. Just as long as it's not sold for profit. This program has been and will always remain non-profit.
I hope this catches on like wildfire. It's been a slow start but lately we've been picking up momentum. It's nice to see it growing. If it keeps this up I'm going to have to get the rest of the program finished before winter. I guess I should have made it harder.
As far as the center of the universe goes. Well, I'm just an extremely reclusive country boy, not a world traveler. What can I say.

#6 sjgoulet Aug 03, 2009 08:42 AM

Steve, we had our 1st annual glider fun fly on Saturday weather was almost not going to cooperate but the rain and the wind moved out. We had some decent lift early and like you guys pretty much turned to sink. Launch up and down withing 3 to 5mins., did get the Radian out and almost lost it in some low clouds, my youngest son was standing next to me and said, where'd it go dad! and poof out it came. Was going to try to get my 1hr. but no luck and completely forgot about the ladder flights and or the 2 10 minute timed flights DUH, oh well maybe this weekend ill get some time.

Have a great day Steve

#7 Steve Boone Aug 06, 2009 06:03 AM

I broke down and bought a Radian. There's lots of days I could be getting some flying if it weren't for all of the setup & tear down time of the winch/retiever. It will also put me in a better position to work with the electric guys. It should be here next Tuesday and I plan to put it to use as soon as I get it. Maybe by increasing flight time I can finally get that last 30 minute flight in.
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DECALS: I haven't recieved an e-mail from the grafix guy so I'll be calling him today to see what's going on.

#8 L-Spatz Aug 06, 2009 10:07 AM

It would of been better IMHO to get a hi-start than something with a spiny thing on the front. I use my hi-start way more than my winch as it takes 2 minute's to set up and I get about the same hight. But hey, what ever get you in the air.

On a side note, I am haveing a local embroidery shop put the SSP design on a wind-breaker type jacket. I is a full-back job,so it should look real good. :D


#9 aeajr Aug 06, 2009 10:32 AM


Originally Posted by Steve Boone
I broke down and bought a Radian. There's lots of days I could be getting some flying if it weren't for all of the setup & tear down time of the winch/retiever. It will also put me in a better position to work with the electric guys. It should be here next Tuesday and I plan to put it to use as soon as I get it. Maybe by increasing flight time I can finally get that last 30 minute flight in.

You got that right. The combination of the Parkzone name, the foam and the motor on the front makes it feel like a big Parkflyer. They are far more apt to try soaring with a Radian than a 2M Spirit on a hi-start.

My experience is, once you get them to try it, about half will stick with soaring and about half of those will want to try a pure glider if they have someone to help the go pure.

#10 Steve Boone Aug 06, 2009 11:53 AM

I didn't bother with the RTF I bought the PNP and plan to put it on 72MHZ. I like only having one radio. Plus I read the Radian thread and see they're having a few issues with the 2.4. I'm sure it's a small amount, but for now I decided to save the $100 and just use my 72mhz stuff that is lying around. I have a high start that sits now that I have a winch. I wanted extreme simplicity and it will make a good trainer for grandkids and others. I was shocked to come home and find it on my doorstep already. It's going to be in the air today if the weather holds. Now I have a plane with an "invisible winch" as well.
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DECALS: I have an update on the decals. I stopped by the grafix guy's today and did some work on the decal design. I should have a proof copy next Tuesday. Then they will be printed and ready to go.
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KEN: Don't forget to post pics of the jacket when you get it done.

#11 maguro Aug 06, 2009 12:06 PM

I flew "pure" sailplanes for years, but finding places where I could stretch out a hi-start without encountering obstacles became harder and harder. When I returned to R/C, and discovered the capabilities of the new electric motors, I was hooked. I converted my Flamingo to electric, and never looked back. Now I can launch anywhere. I don't have to worry about people walking over my hi-start lines, trees, or other issues. If the launch area is not clear I can happily wait till it is. Holding a fully stretched hi-start for 5 or more minutes waiting for the area to clear gets old really fast.

The motor is just another launch mechanism. It has the added benefit of providing an emergency return to field should I get to far out to make it back. So far I have never had to use it, but it is nice to know it is there.


#12 Ralph Weaver Aug 07, 2009 05:27 AM

I encourage everyone to fly any type of sailplane, even a string launched - eventually then may graduate to one that can launch it's self.

#13 Thermaler Aug 08, 2009 06:06 AM

No flying for Steve and I this weekend means we have to do something on the "Honey-do list", rats!!!!!
Come on rain, I don't want t paint the house :D
Things to do in the shop!


#14 maguro Aug 08, 2009 08:04 AM

I was wondering what others are using for a spot for their spot landings. Anyone care to share?


#15 Thermaler Aug 08, 2009 09:05 AM

I was using an old 3" per point tape made from patio chair webbing but since I need to improve my landing scores GREATLY I will be using an old t-shirt.


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