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        Sold 14-turn 25awg dLRK Turnigy "Blue'n'Red Wonder" Outrunner $23 Shipped

#1 timocharis Mar 21, 2009 01:12 PM

14-turn 25awg dLRK Turnigy "Blue'n'Red Wonder" Outrunner $23 Shipped
Been trying out these new prettied-up Turnigy versions of the old Blue Wonder to see how they compare. They're flat out better. A somewhat thicker and better stator with slightly less weight. The idea behind the 14-turn is to build a motor that delivers strong power without overtaxing a 460-480 MAH 3S battery for lightweight but insanely strong stunt/3D foamies using the GWS 8040 prop. To do that, an amp draw near 7 is ideal.

Here's what I got:

Tgy 2730 14T 25g dLRK Wye Kv 1290 Io = 0.36 Rm = 0.223
GWS 8040 HD Hex 460 3S
9835 rpm @ 10.55v/7.15a 493 grams 17.4 oz/thrust 80.2% Efficient
Drive Calc: 542 grams 19.1 oz/thrust 83.0% Efficient

That's the lowest amp draw I can remember for that power level. The Drive Calculator numbers are included because DrKiwi tells me they are probably more accurate than the old Badcock numbers I usually use. Either way, this motor is strong and easy on the battery.

Why dLRK? It is not any more efficient or powerful than a comparable ABC wind, but it will run more quietly and give more precise throttle response. Includes the stock motor mount (works fine) and a curious prop saver they like to throw in. I think it can handle GWS RS props, which makes it pretty much useless from my point of view.

$25 takes it. Free shipping is via USPS First Class Mail in the USA. Paypal only, and -->NO ECHECKS<-- please. PM for paypal address.

If your offer is accepted, you have 24 hours from the pm of paypal address to pay or the item will be relisted.

CANADA: If you're in Canada and Real Nice (but who there isn't?) I might also ship under compelling circumstances, but it does require filling out forms and waiting in line and stuff like that (which I Do Not Like) and does cost a bit more. On the other hand I love Canada, so quite often sentiment wins out over good sense.

#2 Ultralight Mar 21, 2009 01:18 PM

I'll take it.


#3 knormk70 Mar 21, 2009 01:20 PM

i will take it.

#4 timocharis Mar 21, 2009 01:38 PM

That was quick!
Sold to Ultralight (sorry knorm, looks like a two-minute race...)


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