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#1 larrysogla Mar 17, 2009 07:23 AM

Smoke system oil mixed with fuel...is it OK?
I am always fascinated by our glow powered airplanes....not because of the buzzy engine noise(except for my old 1980 vintage Super Tiger .60 that has a nice throaty sound that reminds me of a Mack truck revving up...of course an exaggeration but it really sounds like a Mack truck to me)....but because of the nice smoke trail it leaves. I was wondering if the "Super Dri" smoke oil can be added to the glow fuel mix to create a heavier smoke trail....or is that going to wreck the silicon fuel lines? ......perhaps carbon fouling in the piston crown and combustion chamber? ...or maybe a happy engine with a happier smoke trail with a happier Smoky the Bandit RC pilot?
Thanks for your valuable reply.

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