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#1 Harrow Mar 14, 2009 04:14 AM

What is the minimum C rating of this odd battery?
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I bought a ST Model RC 3S2P 2200mAh battery from a bargain bin the other day. Not until I got home did I realise that it did not have a 'C' rating. I plan to run it in a foam profile jet that only pulls 12A static, and I have never seen LiPo's under 6C, so I figure it is probably okay.

As long as I check the temperature every now and again on the first flight, and it does not get too warm, is there any other reason that it would not be okay?

Strangely, it weighs only 144g, which is rather light in comparison to my Loong Power 3S1P 2200maAh 25C that weighs 180g. It also came with 18 gauge leads, compared to the 12 gauge leads on my other brand. Although it is much shorter, it is also a little thicker than the other battery in the photo.

What is the minimum that it is likely to be??


#2 hoppy Mar 14, 2009 07:27 AM

Google ST modelRC

#3 davecee Mar 14, 2009 09:29 AM

Personally I wouldn't be afraid of using 10C as a max rate with perhaps 12C as a burst rate. That's in line with some of the older, lighter weight packs I've had in the past.
If you can do a voltage check under load I'd use, as a maximum, an amp draw that would not drop the voltage below 3.5 volts per cell. That's a personal recommendation only. I tend to treat most of my batteries pretty gently.

#4 Harrow Mar 14, 2009 09:50 PM


Originally Posted by hoppy
Google ST modelRC

Hoppy, Could you please post the link to the site you found that I was unable to.


#5 Elminister Mar 14, 2009 10:26 PM

www.google.com and type in ST model RC and hit search button.

#6 Harrow Mar 15, 2009 04:19 AM


Originally Posted by Elminister
www.google.com and type in ST model RC and hit search button.

Elminister, you are a very funny man. Now that Seinfeld has finished, I am sure you are just what they have been looking for to fill the gap. Give them a call.

#7 Elminister Mar 15, 2009 07:37 AM

One of us is funny for sure but it isn't for the right reason and it isn't me..............
Your welcome.......... :/

You may need to install a chinese language pack of some sort for cite to display properly.

#8 Murocflyer Mar 15, 2009 07:59 AM


Originally Posted by Elminister
www.google.com and type in ST model RC and hit search button.

I find this helpful also. :)



#9 davecee Mar 15, 2009 09:58 AM

I agree that the suggestions to search are not useful. I believe you mentioned that you did try to search for information. I've also searched and can not find any information on that "specific" battery pack (it's probably an older pack) on the stmodel site or any other. You don't see many packs of that capacity with that shape and weight. I've seen a couple.
However you don't need any specifications to use it safely. If you're balancng the pack and not over discharging it, and if it's not getting hot and if the voltage remains above 3.5 volts per cell under your max load, then it's OK.

#10 paulo810 Mar 15, 2009 08:40 PM

Their website is clearly printed right on the battery pack. The site prints in both chinese and english on every page. No need to google anything.


Hope this helps.

The only 3s2p I found there says 2900mah not 2200, could be a misprint. 20C.

#11 hoppy Mar 15, 2009 09:34 PM

Only references to the pack are 4 years old. That would place it in the <10C range IMO.

#12 Harrow Mar 16, 2009 12:52 AM

Thanks all. I did look on their web-site first of all, and most importantly can see that they did once upon a time produce a 6C series of batteries, so this appears to be the potential worst it could be, and the weight and lead size suggest this could be true. I just made a profile jet that draws 12A peak, so it looks like this will be the batteries new steed.

#13 hoppy Mar 16, 2009 08:20 AM

Short flights and temperature checks are your tools to see how hard you can push the pack. Fly, check temp, fly check temp, etc. It will get the most temp rise near the end of the batteries capacity.

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