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#1 karakoram Feb 18, 2009 01:51 PM

83" flying wing Mothership! 100% EPP, thermals, Aerial Photo
Up for sale is my huge flywing wing, the Mothership.

83" span (measures 82.5")

Mothership thread: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=884646

Breaks down into 3 pieces (I modified the kit to do this), each panel is equal in length, about 28", so all three pieces will fit into a box that is 32" wide x 28" wide x 12" thick

I used this wing for Aerial photography (see photos). I can include the foam chunk I used to hold the camera, if you want it. It has a GWS servo attached.

The cheapest shipping is Fedex Ground, and they want $42 to ship this thing. (UPS wants over $60, and USPS wants over $120).

**** Sale pending, status will be updated Thurs 02/26/2009 *****
**** subscribe to this thread if you are intersted in purchasing, and want to be notified if it becomes available again this Thursday********

Asking $220, shipped to CONUS. AK, HI, and Canada pm me and we can work something out.

I no longer have the camera showin in the photos below (it was a cheapie), but for an additional $20, I can include a Canon PowerShot A540 that has a non-working flash, but works fine otherwise. It does not fit the camera pod, but the pod is easy to modify.

Wing uses two carbon tubes per wing. Metal rods were fabbed with stops, to insert into the carbon tubes at the joints. I then used clear packing tape to hold the panels together. This worked great and there were no flapping or flexing issues.

I attached a "pod" of EPP to the bottom with a lexan sheet for a skid plate. The pod allows me to easily hand launch this large plane by myself. It gives e something to grab. It also protects the bottom of the wing during landings.

Hyperion HP-Z3025-12 outrunner, designed for lage folding props and 4S lipoly. http://www.aircraft-world.com/prod_d.../z3025spec.htm

Aero Naut 13" folder included with folding hub. i will throw in the spare hub I have.

This combo pulled around 30 to 40 amps

Castle Pheonix 45 programmed for Lipoly.

There is a separate Battery Eliminator Circuit in this wing, as the largish servos draw too many amps for the built in BEC in the Pheonix.

Hitec 8 channel receiver. Lots of room to trigger the camera from the transmitter.

Hitec HA-225MG servos mounted in the outer panels. The servo horn screw faces the root of the wing, so a screwdriver has to reach in only 1/2 inch to make servo horn changes easy, without removing the servo from the wing. Nyrods were used for pushrods.

I built the plane very light so that it would fly slow and make a good AP platform. Since its so light, it is a thermalling monster.

I used two 4s lipoly in parallel (4s2p), at 2500 mah each, for a total of 5000 mah. This allowed me a run time of 20 minutes or longer if I shut down power to glide. The prop folded, allowing it to glide easier.

Please note:

The covering on this plane is not perfect, and has small punctures on the bottom side that were caused by weeds poking the plane. There are only a few of these, and could easily be patched. If you need some additiional covering, I can throw some in, if I can find any left over. I used a special, super light version of a iron-on covering on the bottom of the wing. The top is packing tape as is traditionally used on Zagi type wings. I will throw in whatever colors I still have left that match this plane (3 or 4 colors on the top side).

FREEBIES! (that go with this plane only!)

:D Camera Pod with shutter servo

:D New in package 15 x 9.5 Aero Naut folding carbon prop (not recommended for this motor, was used with prior motor)

:D New in package 13.5 x 7 carbon Aero Naut folding carbon prop

:D used 15 x 9.5 carbon Aero Naut (not recommended)

:D new out of package Aero Naut CAM carbon 13 x 6.5 I have not tried this prop. May give more speed, due to pitch, but not thrust (diameter is the same as the current 13" prop that is on the plane.

:D new in package Graupner CAM 13" x 7" folding carbon prop

:D new in package aluminum folding prop hub with spinner. Spinner cannot be used in a pusher application. I just used the hub. This NIP is a spare.

Selling this plane to fund my car project (see my sig)

I am 6 feet tall, and weigh around 200 lbs.


Here it is on a KING size bed, these are the MOST RECENT photos, taken a few days ago:



Bottom side:

1 panel removed:


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#2 karakoram Feb 18, 2009 01:52 PM

Motor and mount details:










Project MV8R: V8 in a Toyota MR2

#3 rhampton Feb 18, 2009 06:00 PM

Sent PM..Would like to consider this.

#4 karakoram Feb 18, 2009 07:27 PM

Video of my friend launching the wing. This was the actual MAIDEN launch.

After I was comfortable flying it, I launched it by myself. Its easier to launch than my combat wings, but it requires a pretty strong throw, and running about 10 oto 15 feet before throwing.

Mothership maiden (0 min 19 sec)


Project MV8R: V8 in a Toyota MR2

#5 karakoram Feb 18, 2009 07:28 PM

On the second flight, with the old motor system that I used to run (please note that the current motor is an outrunner, but the old one was a geared motor), I lost the prop with the old motor. this happened several times, so I bought the outrunner it has now, and the lost prop issue went away.

Mothership glides overhead-- lost prop (0 min 15 sec)


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#6 karakoram Feb 18, 2009 07:30 PM

whoops, double post


Project MV8R: V8 in a Toyota MR2

#7 karakoram Feb 18, 2009 07:34 PM

Here is a video of a mothership setup for more speed than my mothership. Mine flies very slow compared to this one. Mine flies at around 30mph.

I set up the plane this way on purpose, to slow it down. It has an all up flying weight that is far less than a standard Mothership. This was to slow it down so that it would make a good Aerial Photo platform.

the one in the video below flies at around 50 to 70mph. it was built heavier, with speed in mind.

Mothership (3 min 8 sec)


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#8 karakoram Feb 18, 2009 07:40 PM

On my mothership, the top patchwork colors are colored packing tape (not iron on), and the silver areas are iron-on covering. On the bottom, the silver and red areas are iron on covering.


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#9 karakoram Feb 19, 2009 12:18 AM

I received some PM's with questions, so I am posting more info here:

Thanks for the questions. I edited my original post. The ESC is a Castle Phoenix 45 programmed for Lipoly.

The batterys are exposed, as I found it helped keep them cooler in the summer, due to the insulating properties of the foam that surround the batteries, they need help staying cool. You could, add a piece of Coroplast taped to the surface of the wing, and add colored tape to match the coroplast battery cover. If you want, I can throw in a 1 ft by 1 ft peice of 2mm white coro. I can also throw in colored tape, if I have any left, of the same colors used on this wing.

The crystal is either channel 24 or 28, as I used either one. You can decide. My transmitter used a synthesizer instead of a crystal (Hitec Eclipse 7). The crystal and the wires that plug into the Rx are left uncovered for easy maintence, as I do with all of my wings. The Rx is below the top surface of the wing.

Also, there is a separate Battery Eliminator Circuit, as the larger servos draw too many amps for the Castle Phoenix built in BEC.

I do not have any lipo packs any more, as I sold them all recently. I used two 2500 mah 4s packs in parallel (4s2P) for a total of 5000 mah.

If you need it, I can include a parallel Deans plug I made, that consists of two male Deans side by side, soldered to a single female Deans. The whole thing was encased in epoxy so no metals parts are exposed other than the deans plugs. I used battery bus bars when I soldered it together. This is the Chris Klique (Ritewing) method of making an adaptor.

The male Deans that is attached to the ESC in the in the photos of the mothership plug into my special parallel adaptor. You might be able to buy a Deans parallel adaptor, but make sure it can do at least 45 amps. Mine can do a lot more. ALternatively, you can buy a large 4s Lipoly. My approach makes for a cleaner wing (split battery packs).


Project MV8R: V8 in a Toyota MR2

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